Painting Wild Style: Scythe and Heroes, undead done (part 8)

I completed the undead and then sprayed them in Army Painter no-shine to balance the reflections. I did not take photos between steps. What I did was just correct all the errors after painting the diluted colors, which run a bit. I used undiluted paint and painted around the edges. You have to be careful to not remove all the shading from the dilute process when you do this. I also brightened up the white as it was looking gray. This would not make fascinating photos!


This is not a process that requires anything more than time and 3x bifocal safety glasses and the insane detail brush from Army Painters.


One trick is that the tiny brush can well brush better than make dots. This means you can brush details in by painting over with other colors. So I often dot in the buttons and then brush along them with the cloth coat to fix the misses.


I lastly painted Nuln Oil pure on the figures. Just brushed it on thick. They are undead, so I wanted the bones to be filled in with black. This is in replacement for Army Painter dipping or painting on their shading inks.

I have the photo of the figure put away. The yellow faction of lion people shows how odd they look unpainted. Also, one of the characters has a staff like the surfs, and this is confusing. I have seen some errors in play from this faction from confusing the character from the surf.

I am moving to the human faction next. I am continuing on with the Scythe characters. I have added Pandemic characters to my painting as they are part of a Christmas present.

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