Day 1 SAP TechEd 2019: Getting There


(Airbus to Las Vegas)

So I just spent $12 for a coffee and croissant at Illy. That is part of the reason I just can’t love Las Vegas. The gambling dens and stuff shirt food locations I can ignore, and there is a least some honesty there–they just want your money–but the ridiculous cost of a coffee is just going too far. Well, I am on the strip in The Palazzo, but I get a free drink at the slots! I do wonder if I could just sit at the slots and put in $10 on the cheap one (if they exist anymore) and get a free coffee.


(me just after finishing security in PDX)

I am happy to be here for TechEd. I flew in on Sunday with no interesting events. This is good as my wife, Susie, fell and was injured on Friday night. I was in Portland at the time headed into playing a board game at Guardian Games. Susie called me to tell me she was alright. Corwin who lives with us was with her and had bandaged her up and said for me to continue with my plans. So I played Game of Thrones (second edition) and then passed on another game and came home early. The GOT game went a bit strange (odd set of random conditions happened that none of us had seen before in GOT) and ended with an easy win for Cody (I lost again in a six-person game).


(Game of Thrones–just at the start)

Susie’s glasses where bent; she had face-planted on them. The happened in the kitchen onto the hard floor. The hinge of the glasses had cut her temple. I was able to repair the eyewear (I have special plyers for my model work that are good for this kind of work).

So I bought all the groceries, did laundry, cooked, cleaned, and all that jazz and packed. Susie and Corwin are set for the week, I hope. Corwin has been teaching Susie a new word, Uber, and I think they can find what they need. Also Safeway deliveries for a minor fee to our house.

Fate being a bit unkind this weekend, delivered two new games to me. On Saturday, I drove to Vancouver, WA, to get my copy of Vindication: Leaders and Alliances, which is an update and extension to one of my favorite Kickstarter games: Vindication. Of course, we picked up the game extension in a coffee place–This is the PNW. We chatted with the folks that made the game. I knew the designer and was one of the playtesters for an early version. Back home without time to play. I did open it and replace the fixes for Vindication as I had the first printing. Already to play…when I get back. And then one came in the mail: War of the Worlds: The New Wave. This one I have been waiting for. Fate gives it to me now. So in the middle of dinner, dishes, cleaning, laundry, and all that jazz, I also unwrapped and played a game against myself (it is a two-person game). I also wrote a review (just approved today and posted).


(War of the Worlds at the end of first practice–Tesla card out just because it was so cool looking)

So got here, Las Vegas, the regular way and enjoyed our fine PDX airport on the way. There is in PDX I had Mo’s Clam Chowder before flying in the back of an Airbus. I find PDX comfortable with good WiFi and food and even a little movie theater. While waiting for my flight, I watched a video on how to play War of the Worlds game and found I had missed only a few rules. The game designers often put out play-through videos so the buyer can learn how to play and to see if it is something they want.

I met Michael G for dinner on Sunday night as is our usual process and we spent too much for a few beers, salads, and a shared pizza. We then went for a walk on The Strip. MG was surprised by the number of gals wearing large feathers, and these gals wore little else. There are more than last year. We also marveled at new places and tried to remember what was there last year. It is always

We then saw a pair of girls walking quickly by with riding crops and dark outfits and a large bottle of water. MG said, “their shift must be over.”

The plane gave me a migraine headache–does not often happen to me but it is a form of altitude sickness caused by the low pressure in the aircraft. My legs also ached on the plane, which is also a sign of that. I was happy this was a short flight.


I was not able to bring the migraine under control with aspirin. The walking and food helped for a bit, but the bright lights of the computers brought it back when I got to my room and made it far worse. Sleep usually works, and so I delayed this until this morning. I am much better today.


3 thoughts on “Day 1 SAP TechEd 2019: Getting There”

  1. Hi Mike, do enjoy your outing, and give my regards to Michael G, Corwin and Suzie- BTW what is your hat size? and don’t tell me L or Large- that isn’t a hat size; 7 3/8th is a hat size.


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