Day 2 SAP TechEd2019: First Day

I was happy to wake with no migraine. I got going a bit late and wrote the Day 1 piece and answered various emails and issues at the shoe company. I even did a call about the proper way to connect systems together. Which was impressive as the first presentation in my first class was about the same thing. This one was by Whirlpool and SAP about how to create a digital business experience. My call was about how we should connect systems to create the same thing.

The class covered many items about how to make the user experience of software more intelligent and how fast and straightforward beats slow and complex and that even ugly and slow was far better than slow.

I forward Whirlpools powerpoint to the engineers, and they found it a good read and were forwarding it around even before Whirpool had finished talking. It was the same powerpoint as Whirlpool will presentation later in the week, so I just downloaded as part of my conference access and sent it on. The shoe company got an early look.

I also discussed some of the issues by text with my engineers and then asked SAP about these problems. Not sure SAP was ready for this much technology, but it was interesting to be real-time (This is class UX216 by Sunil Sharma from Whirlpool) with some of our questions.


(Wonderful night in Las Vegas)

After that, we met up with friends and headed to the Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas. Here German beer is served in liter glasses. Peter Keller and our friends from Goodyear came to have dinner, songs, and beer. It is a tradition to meet before TechEd get started. I limited myself to 1 1/2 liter–so I could walk and write later.

We sang German songs and talked about old times.


So we start up another TechEd drinking and talking about technology and kids that are now in college and retirement age. We remember friends that are not here and wish them well. We miss Jan Poepke and send him the traditional pic of Michael and Michael raising a glass to him.


We are happy to meet again and to learn some new things and talk about what we need to do next and how to do it. We are reaching for the future with one hand and for a one-liter German-made beer with the other. It is a good night.

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