Days Last SAP TechEd 2019

I am home now, and my laundry is nearly done, I am doing the additional laundry that I found after I unloaded my suitcase and washed all of that. Soon that will be done too. I have made the coffee and had peanut butter toast. I have gone through the mail and found the check for the claim I paid for an accident in Florida–it is short $150 as the cheap-ass insurance, AIG, did not pay the handling fees for the claim from Enterprise. I backed my rented car into a parked car. I was also shocked to learn that this insurance has a maximum payout of $35,000. So if I had rolled the car in Florida, I would be out more than ten-thousand. So much for buying car coverage on Expedia. Next time I will get it through my own insurance–“Mayhem” resisting Allstate. There are always new lessons that are really the same that I already know: Don’t buy insurance from companies famous for their mistakes like AIG and not on-line from a discounting site like Expedia.

I have no plans today. Usually, I have a boardgame planned for Friday night or Saturday, but with the travel, none could be planned.


I was home about 10:30 Friday night. Airplanes and airports all worked. I did hang out in Las Vegas airport for a while watching a movie, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2009), and then dinner at Chili’s. I had them make me a special burger that they use to serve– chili on a cheeseburger with pickles. I flew to LAX and connected there in the former Virgin Airlines area. Delta bought Virgin, and it is going away. Nice to see a few bits of original Virgin Airlines before it disappears into Delta’s logos and processes.

Returning to Vegas, the conference ended with me see a wrapping line to get into a hands-on session. So I did not do that one but saw Peter Keller and we took in a presentation on security. Peter’s daughter is now working for SAP, daughter like father, and is specializing in security. The presentation was hard to enjoy after a short night–presenter reading all the slides in a monotone German accent, but I learned a few things. I do wonder why I am installing all some software at Nike when this presenter, a colleague of Peter’s daughter, says it is built-in and free. I see a few questions coming for Monday–maybe an email.


I had started Friday morning at 5:30, which was very early considering I did not reach my bed until after Friday has started! Friday morning, I did the usual things and then packed up and dragged my roller bags after me. Checked out. Stored bags. Off to hands-on class, registered, at 8:00 with Boris, a software product owner as SAP, on how to set-up software change process (transports in SAP Cloud Platform for those who know this stuff). The class was mostly a system admin class, and lucky for me a talented system admin (SAP BASIS for you SAP experts) sat down with me, and we were mostly able to finish the work with only one mistake–mine. I was laughing with my new friend (I have forgotten his name, maybe Venkat) as I commented on how familiar I was with the screens. We at Nike had spent weeks trying to figure them out by trial and error. My new friend watched me copy and paste and never type. He said he would start doing that too as he saw how likely a mistake was without copy and paste. I just smiled at him and reminded him I have been involved in waiting weeks for Nike and SAP to figure out the newest typo in the set-up for SAP Cloud Platform connections!

After that, I saw the line and then saw Peter walking, and he suggested we take in the security lecture. We then went for lunch at the speaker ready room, both being speakers. We meet some more SAP folks there and chatted about various random topics. Peter headed out.

Before Friday started was, of course, Thursday and it ended with a concert at Brooklyn Bowl. I and many of my friends are used to more standard concerts at SAP TechEd like a great on by Train a few years ago. Headed to a Vega styled bowling ally to hear a somewhat unknown country band was a bit of a step-down. But, John Garr Band played for almost three hours without a break and was exceptional. Most of the music was fast and played very well. It is hard to imagine for some of an Austin Texas-based country band with a full keyboard, three back-up singers who took the lead for half-a-dozen songs, three horns, and the normal drummer and base. It was a full sound and done with skill! We stayed for the full set.


SAP had the Brooklyn Bowl for just the SAP crowd. Booze and snacks all free. Of course, free bowling–I never left the bar.


After the show and as folks were leaving, people stopped me and told me how much they liked my Python presentation on Wednesday. That made it a grand night, indeed.

Brooklyn Bowl is in the Linq complex in Las Vegas. I have been there with my family. Susie’s family used to live in Vegas–they moved to New Hampshire. I had forgotten about the locally priced (that is not priced-for-expense-reports food) and had great pizza here and bought a cute wool hat for Susie and its required hatbox. Michael and I looked at the prices for Gordon Ramsey’s Fish and Chips and only wished we had checked this out sooner–better and vastly cheaper.

Which all is moot as the next SAP Teched will be in November and in Austin, Texas. That was announced and explained the choice of John Garr Band. Next year in Texas!


On Thursday morning I got started a bit later than Friday but started to pack a bit already. I also had a presentation. Peter and I held the ASUG Influence Council meeting at 9:30 and had about eight people–all shared their needs for test data. Peter and I went over how we can influence SAP, thus the name of the meeting, to develop a new solution for test data. I got their emails and will meet off-line next month or so. Excellent!

After that lunch and meeting more folks on the floor. Folks again stopped me and thanked me for getting them to look at Python and Machine Learning!

Returning to classes, I am working with master data governance and thought it good to try out a class. So I walked into another hands-on, and these folks work with our SAP folks at Nike for data governance. It was fun to try out all their new stuff. I learned about the ability to automatically have some data in the SAP Cloud Platform instead of building it myself, which I even have stories for in the current workload for developers. I see a proof-of-concept (POC) in my near future at Nike!


I walked into another hands-on after that. I invited Michael G to join me. We took a tour of using SAP Data Hub for data governance and what I call data purification. The software allows you to make changes to the data to make it better and to automate this. The example is to normalize the country code of ‘USA’ to ‘US’, for example. Michael and I had not considered this option before. It presents us with some exciting choices. More POC!

From there, instead of going to Linq and having good food and locally priced food–only if we had known–we went to SugarCane at the hotel. The food was small plates and very tasty. It was not inexpensive.

And that brings me to the end of the trip. Here in Reedville, Oregon finishing up the laundry and dishes. It is good to be home.

And I have all those games to get too…


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  1. Nice, i enjoyed your article. I like doing the dishes, also. I’m traveling with my mind, that’s the reason why… lol… It is nice meeting you, Michael. I will follow, and i will, also, share. Take care !


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