H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival 2019: Day 1

Well, I have picked up my badge, and I am in Nectar Coffee Bar, enjoying their non-pork pulled pork sandwich. Yes, spicy soy product. It is a veggy place. I also have a Cider product to go with that is not too sweet. The doors open at 6:00 PM at the Hollywood Theater here in Portland, Oregon. I will head into the line soon.

So it is time again for horror films and going for cosmic horror. No cheap scares. This stuff makes you feel like you can fall off the planet when you look up at night! When you look up, it is forever that way! Gravity feels so punny when you understand that is all that keeps you here! That is the cosmic horror these films give to me. You are scared of sharp angles and strange shadows after a few days. Anything can come from a weird angle! Did that shadow move!

The first film for me is The Colour Out of Space, which is pre-release for this version. It is one of the H.P. Lovecraft stories that still scares me.

So a few more shorts and then this film for 111 minutes I understand. Can’t wait.

But before this, I went to Dark Arbor Lodge‘s Innsmouth show. Art inspired by another H.P. Lovecraft’s story about Innsmouth. They had a lot of full-sized works. Most were for sale.

I enjoyed the small display and the fact you could buy them. I passed on the purchase of a $300 graven image of Cthulhu. I already have one!

So off to be scared out of my mind…

Breaking a rule…I have updated this blog.

The short movies were not that scary, but one of them I helped fund. The Last Incantation was a favorite of the crowd, and it was fun to see my name as a supporter! This was its premiere, and even the cast had not seen it before on a full-sized screen. The changed the demon in the story from being a snake to be crushed inside a jar–a slave of the wizard. It worked well.

Nicolas Cage starred in Color Out Of Space. This is a major horror film, and it was given a pre-release play. The director said he made it for the Portland audience and is happy to see that it is doing well for the other audiences.

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