Day 6: Unplanned day in Amsterdam

Today I had no big plans for us. We just got up, early again, and had breakfast and then headed out into the city.

Susie and Corwin wanted to try out various intoxicants at a Cafe known as The Bulldog Mack and to get various branded items. This is the rough part of the Redlight district near the old church. A short ten minutes or about twenty pushing Susie on her walker. Susie’s walker doubles as a wheelchair. We get Susie to walk about 100 feet to 200 feet.


While they went to The Bulldog Mack, filled with smoke and not that good for me, I went off to the second-hand shops and especially the bookshops.

It is a sunny but cold day in Amsterdam. The wind cuts. I was able to take a few shots of the area. It all looks quaint until you look closer and see all the headshops and sex shops signs on all the old-style brick buildings.

I found the English Book Exchange. I purchased a Fritz Leiber fantasy book, Swords in the Mist, for the plane. I left my finished book in the hotel books, The Other End Of The Line. Some other traveler will take the book I leave here in Amsterdam and it will travel even further.

I checked on Susie and Corwin after I made my purchase and Susie was surprising the others, she was no light-weight. Again, the air is not good for me, so off to more stores and trying to not window shop at the rough trade places. It is hard not to be fascinated by such oddity.

Susie and Corwin decamped to the brand store for The Bulldog and there I find them. We buy some shirts and hats.

I suggest beer and snacks. We return to the De Wildeman and they remember us and ask us about our stay and are sad to learn we are leaving on Saturday. But beer is gotten and local cheese and fresh meats are provided. It is a good time.

After that, it is nap time for me.

We gather with Corwin for one last dinner in Amsterdam. Simsit Sarayı provides sandwiches at a reasonable price. Interestingly the place is poorly rated. There are no prices, names of food items, and the crew seems to expect you to know this, know what you want, and pay what they say. I checked and this store had as many five stars and one stars ratings. For us, the food was good, the people helpful, and the place a bit confusing.

We have our boarding passes. I have been exchanging emails with KLM all day trying to ensure that Susie has a wheelchair booked. The KLM website because we are through Air France and Delta is not working right. I do have a wheelchair booked on Delta’s site. It looks like we will have to just deal with it when we get to the airport.

Susie and Corwin have loved Amsterdam–Susie being reacquainted with Amsterdam and Corwin’s first visit. I finally got to spend some time here and see the Museums I have always wished I had time to see. Having a whole day for each was a real treat.

But…as usual, I am looking forward to being at the Volvo Cave soon…We have talked to the hotel and will take a taxi and be at Schipol three hours early. Two hours they think would be enough, but with the wheelchair, they think we should go for three.

Off soon to home!

Michael Wild

Still @ Inntel Hotel, Room 2266, Amsterdam

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