Epilogue: Amsterdam

It has been a few months since we left Amsterdam, and the usual chaos that is life has taken over. I feel like I never really finished the blog as it needed that last true story that would finish it.


(Our local volcanos)


(The photo of your foot on the carpet at PDX–a unique carpet pattern used only in PDX–is how you say “happy to return to PNW.”)

What do I remember about the trip now a few months ago? Very little of the flight back other than the crew helped Susie get off of the plan and waited for us before leaving. That was very kind of them. We had an Eastern European driver that took us home. He was pleasant and happy to get a long trip as a Lyft driver, PDX to Aloha. I then did the washing and unpacked us. Back to work!


The night before we left I remember that Corwin convinced me that we could use a car to the airport instead of getting up an hour early (4AM) to roll Susie to the train station, get tickets, and then get on a train (with luggage) and then get off of a train and get Susie and luggage. The hotel took care of the arrangements and the wake-up call. To my defense, I thought that we should try to experience more of the public part of Holland. I was not influenced by the intoxicants that are always in the air in Amsterdam, I think.

Thinking back, I plan to spend another Christmas in a few years there again. The art we saw was magnificent, but we missed the history and much of the culture. Maybe a bus tour of Holland or some other day trip. The painting we saw will stay with me, but the view of the master’s tools will always be with me (I later learned that we were not to take photos of this).


And the plain silliness of a tourist town…


So we all remember Amsterdam with happiness!


It is recommended as an adult place (just not for kids) and a place to learn and enjoy. We do not miss it–we will return soon.



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