Day 1: Working from home

It was a strange feeling to get up early and not go to work. I did my normal steps, including making coffee and reading my email and then reading the news. I then cleaned up and dressed and sat down and logged on to work. There were a few items left from last week, so I was busy for a bit. It felt strange that this was the start of two weeks or more at home.

Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 9.37.40 PM

I have two laptop computers in use at one time. One is a PC for work, and the other is my own Apple. My network, Comcast, is fast and easily able to handle multiple fast high bandwidth connections. I did hours of phone meetings on the work PC, often using the video to be seen. I noticed that the other folks did not use video. As I present online and in-person at conferences for a national and international audience, I am comfortable now with public speaking by a PC camera or with a mic live. Not everyone apparently is comfortable with video.

While all of the work stuff was going, my Apple computer tracked the outside world. I can say that the poo was being expelled by the fan. The stock market found new ways to reduce my retirement. The USA and other places are locking-down even more. More folks passed away. World banks were promising to rescue us and the markets–I was trying to feel better about that, but I just watched The Big Short movie and had so little faith now in bankers and central banks. So it was just a terrible swirl of bad news. I tried to not look.

I kind of felt like this song about the news and markets: 50 Ways to Say Goodbye.

But, I got an email from the Golden Valley Brewery (GVB) to join them for St. Patrick’s Day by either coming to dinner or getting it to go with beer to go too. I have the making for dinner already, but the beer list was looking good.

Old Chicago Pizza could order on-line. Other offers appeared in my email, and kind notes appeared on Facebook and email from friends.

It is in the 50Fs and sunny in March. The kids were playing kickball–no school. So despite the new lows on the market, it seemed a great day.

So once work was over, Corwin and I got in the Volvo to get some beer from GVB for St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow. We found a massive power failure! The street lights were out, and GVB closed not by a virus but a tree on the powerlines somewhere! It took a while to get back to where traffic lights worked again.

Home and Corwin made dinner. New York strip steaks with corn and mac and cheese as side dishes. Our first locked-down dinner. We had stopped by Rite Aid to get some beer and some various supplies. They had paper towel rolls! Even paper products were re-appearing. Maybe it was not so bad.

At 6:30 is Dungeons and Dragons on Roll20 with four players. Everyone was ready, and we played two hours of gaming tonight. That was fun with all the software and game working.

Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 9.45.17 PM

(Roll20 screen for Dungeons and Dragons, 5E).

I received an email from Australia. I was supposed to be there at a computer conference today, Mastering SAP Conference 2020. It postponed and my trip canceled. I am invited back in October when they relaunch it. I am ready for a relaunch!

So a day of terrible news, sun, nice notes and ideas, games, and powerful weather.


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