Day 2: Working from home

Today was like many days, except I did not go to work. My commute was connecting to the Nike VPN. And today had many remote meetings. Unlike yesterday, the video was used more and more. It seems to me that folks were happy to see each other and be seen. We have many critical path items for an important project: The deadlines are unchanged despite the virus issues (not the computer type). A lot of talking, texting, emailing, updates to virtual team rooms all day.

Besides the work items, I was able to boil the St. Patrick’s Day corned beef brisket. I started it at about 11:15 in the morning. I then called Red Robin in Beaverton and ordered burgers for Susie and Corwin and a salad and chicken breast for myself (the Ensalada Plater). It was an excuse to see how our old haunt was holding together and to get out and drive somewhere. There are notes on the door of Red Robin in Beaverton that they are closed except for take-out. Only the foyer is open, the hall to the bar is blocked by chairs. I picked up my food and the bartender took my card at the front–I knew it was the bartender because I would usually sit at the bar and eat on the weekends. When I told her to thank everyone for being there, and I finally got a smile. “Sam Adams,” she asked. I agreed. She did remember me.

Back to more calls and videos. This time with charts and discussions and double booking. I actually left one video meeting that over-ran went to another meeting at the same time, and returned to that meeting.

Once we finally finished I took Susie for a walk outside. She was feeling unwell and unhappy. The walk got her smiling again. We walked to the end of the street in the surprisingly sunny Oregon. It is a bit up-hill. Susie had trouble with downhill so I pushed her back home. We both got a bit of exercise.

I watched the news again on my Apple laptop while working on my Nike PC. More poo in the fan, but new problems. The central bank, The Fed to Americans, did a ten billion dollar rescue to the short term liquidity markets today. America ran out of money. The Fed bought all the short-term debt to put the money back and keep the USA running. I suspect President Trump, like many of his predecessors, is dreaming of the days when only the Washington Post or New York Times was the only thing to worry about.

liquidity trap

Returning to things I can actually do something about, I missed that I was running out of an important drug. I needed to get a prescription filled. This is a 90-supply one. So I called the insurance company and talked to a pleasant gal in California. Apparently, technology allows call centers to be remote from home now. Somehow routing calls to folks working from home. She was working from home, like me. As this was an insurance call, she knew I worked from Nike, so I answered some tourist-like questions about Nike for her. The drug will be here in two days–excellent.

Everyone is a bit scared and also friendly and wanting to talk.

Returning to St. Patrick’s Day, Corwin finished up the cooking by boiling and baking. It was great. We drank the dark beers we purchased yesterday and had corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and carrots.

I took a short beer-induced nap.

Tonight I tried to learn the artificial intelligence part of a boardgame, Pax Pamir. This is a fantastic game that recreates the political situation in the 1880s Afganistan and has a particular AI to create another tribe to play against. The board is a small carpet that is a map of Afganistan. My gaming friends want to play it, and we want to add the AI in for the full experience. I spent a few hours learning how to play again and how to use the AI.

pax pamir

(This is a card part of the play. The coins are metal. The game is available in the secondary market–expensive. A new Kickstarter is running: Pax Pamir Kickstarter)

The kitchen looks like the Galloping Gourmet had a bad day. We will have to clean-up soon.

Glad I could write again and that things happened that I think are valuable to record.

Word today is that the death rate for the virus is over six thousand for the world. Here is a song for the world: This Is My Song.



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