Day 3: Working from home

Today was another day working from home.

Just a short report. Work was mostly meetings today; some included some frustration. This seemed to bother me more than usual. My emotions are too close to the surface today.


Lunch was from Red Robin again. This time I spoke to a pleasant gal from Oklahoma when calling to put in my order. Still, a call center answers the calls for food for Red Robin that is now running from people’s home. The gal had a slight accent and used “y’all.” I had to wait about ten minutes to reach someone to take the order. Apparently, lots of folks are ordering from Red Robin.

I drove to Red Robin. Again, it was nice to get out of the house and drive. This time my lunch was not ready. I filled out a waiting list with my name and the color of my car and was told to wait in my vehicle. They would bring me the food. Forty-five minutes later, I finally was given my lunch. They had a catering order and apologized for taking so long.

There were plenty of parking spaces, as you can imagine, and I parked halfway between two parking spots to give the catering order waiting next to me social distance. Another driver then complained that I did not know how to park. I reminded them about social distance; I was polite.

My Apple computer I used to watch the news while working on my Nike laptop for working from home. The stock market tanked again. A flight-to-cash seemed to be the cause. Even the bond market, bonds usually go up when stocks go down, was flat. This may mean that folks were not buying bonds as a move-to-quality is the typical flight but are really scared and want cash. This is often done to remove any more loss. The vast debt the USA and other governments are generating as support for the economy may have also spooked people from treasuries.

My reaction to all the market falling was to increase my contribution to my 401K. I want to buy more cheap stocks. And that makes me think about this song, a different styled version: Bohemian Rhapsody – Pentatonix. I never go with the crowd when investing.

I made spaghetti and meatballs in a vodka sauce using what we have. The sauce was from a jar. The meatballs are frozen and reheated. Everyday food but it still tastes good.

Corwin is soaking beans overnight to make chicken and bean soup for Thursday.

Forty-one people in the USA died today from the virus. It is also reported that 475 people died from the infection in Italy just today. A song to try to find peace: How Great Thou Art.


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