Day 5: Almost not working from home

This morning a little after six, I sent a note to my boss and friends at work that I was headed to the ER with Susie. I woke from my alarm, and then Susie told me that she was in pain, 9-out-of-10 pain. I went off to make coffee and get a bit more organized before we headed to the emergency room. A few minutes later, I returned to Susie, and Susie was recovered and had no pain. Likely this was gas or something from last night, we had homemade bean and chicken soup. It is funny now, but then it was a shock. The ER is about the last place you want to be now.

I sent out a reversal email, and my boss Brad and friends were all relieved that the episode was over and that the ER was avoided. I logged on to work here at the house and began reading and sending emails.

To celebrate our near escape, a silly video: U Can’t Touch This.

Today was like a conga-dance of video conference after another video conference. Much progress was made on the planning and design. It is a bit of blur now.

Off to the pharmacy for Susie, a drug had run out. I was there just after the pharmacy opened. No toilet paper, but there was kleenex. I left it for the next guy, we have some. I thanked the staff for working today.

I ordered lunch early from Happy Panada and for delivery. I had meetings spaced out all morning, so it would be better if they could deliver, and I wanted to see how that worked out. It arrived on time, but no tracking email or text was supplied, so I was worried it was not coming. We got two Orange Chickens in error. I paid for it and gave the driver a cash tip. It was a familiar style and flavor. Happy to support our local folks!

The workday ended with a massive Zoom meeting for the huge project I am working on. Never been on a 400+ person video call before. Zoom was used as it could handle the size. The status of the project was reviewed and how to work. Also, except for a few folks, everyone is to take Spring Break (next week) off as paid time off. As you already guessed, I am one of the people who is needed to work next week.

Another it can’t-be-Oregon-because-it-is-not-raining day. I took Susie was a short walk. We visited the newly planted telephone pole again.


Dinner was just cheese and crackers as we had such a large lunch.

My gaming friends have me trying an on-line board game site: Game Board Arena. I was invited to play with them, but I had to learn the rules of Kingdomino, and the game started without me. I was tired from all the events from today, so I took a nap instead of playing online games. Next time!

My jam arrived. I have all these scones mixes, and I had no jam. In the chaos that is the world now, I ordered from the source, Smuckers, and they arrived perfectly wrapped. I washed my hands after getting them. Most excellent. I will be making scones as soon as I finish publishing this!


My mother-and-law, Leta, lived alone in Lansing, Michigan, and was getting a bit tired of winter in Michigan. I got the Spring catalog from the monks in Kentucky that makes fruitcakes: I sent her chocolate fudge and fruit cake to celebrate Spring and Easter. I called her, and she was thrilled to be now watching the mail for fruitcake and fudge from Kentucky!

Today the death rate of the USA went down a bit. It may be a fluke of reporting, forty-seven deaths were reported today. More than eleven thousand so far for the world. Here is a hymn for today: Amazing Grace.


1 thought on “Day 5: Almost not working from home”

  1. Hey Michael,
    thanks for the daily update which becomes my first reading every morning now (as this is always a good timing when I wake up in Europe :-)).
    Good to hear that everything is ok with Susie and you. Stay healthy!!

    Liked by 1 person

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