Day 6: Weekend, Sunny Saturday

I awoke with a headache this morning and slept in until ten-ish. Unusual for me to sleep so late, but I did stay up late on Friday and the headache had me rolling over and going back to sleep.

I nearly finished the painting of figures of Norse gods for the game Bloodrage last night. So I got up and took my medications, hoping the headache was blood pressure–it was not, and had some breakfast and finished the figures. The head got better with food and something to do. It did come back with bright light. I put on my Nike sunglasses to drive, of course.


I also started to assemble another set of figures, the original Star Trek crew. I purchased the set for half-off last year and want to get them added to Star Trek: Panic boardgame. These figures are cast plastic or epoxy and need to be assembled. I managed to not glue myself to any of them. I will finish on Sunday, I think. I will include pictures later.

I made myself lunch from the chili from the last weekend, before it gets too old to eat. Nobody was up. I received an email from Golden Valley Brewery that they had a car wash to help their wait staff. The money collected going to the wait staff. I headed over and gave them a donation and discovered a 10+ car wait. Excellent. While waiting, you can order food and beer to-go. I got that six-pack I wanted for St. Patrick’s Day (a power failure closed them early so I could not get the beer in time), their Dundee Porter. Car washed and beer!


It is 66F+ and sunny. Somehow we seem to be having California weather. Here is some music for today and the car wash: All I Want to Do.

I then discovered that the hobby store was open–they sent me an email with a coupon. I am almost out of one of my favorite colors: Tamiya XF-63 German Grey. This is a very dark grey that looks like black. You can shade it still with pure black. For example, Loki’s (the figure in red above) hair is not black but XF-63 so I can shade it–this makes “black” more three-dimensional at the 28mm scale. One of my tricks. Usually, I use Army Painter Paints, but for black, it often German Grey instead of black.

So off to see them. When I got there, I could see that the social distancing was not well followed in Tammies Hobbies by their customer. I had to be careful. One older man, with a broken RC car, had a mask on at least. I told them I was happy to see them and thanked them for being open. They had the boardgame Jaws for sale–it is based on the movie. Why not, I wanted to play it. So I found the paint and the game and a magazine and supported my local hobby store.

BTW, there are many how-to-play videos for the board game Jaws, many quite thematic and silly.

I see that the game store, Raining Day Games, is still open while driving back. I wanted some paintbrushes before everything closes down and thus another place to stop by. Here they have taken social distancing seriously. A game you want to handle will be given to you; don’t take them off the shelf. I talk to the owner and share our concerns about the expected shutdown of Oregon on Monday. I have known them for years, and they were happy I came in to support the local gaming store!

I return home, wash my hands, and made Susie and myself a sandwich for dinner. We have plenty of lunch meats from my last visit to Safeway.

I then primed the Star Trek figures and played a practice game of Jaws against myself. The shark had two points left with it sank The Orca and won. It seems a very balanced game. I shall try to get Susie to play on Sunday. It plays 2-4 players. One person is the shark.

And you have to add this video: Bigger Boat.


(Chief Broady, represented by the black meeple, is in the water with the shark as The Orca is being smashed by the shark).

Returning to the virus news, we hear that Oregon will lockdown soon, and hundreds of people are laid-off. A song that was written for another war that risked everything seems the best for today, it is a more American taste, but I think it fits the sacrifices:  Battle Hymn of the Republic

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