Day 7: Remote Church

A short story for today. Dinner was delivered from Wild Buffalo Wings. Susie got a kid’s burger with fried cheese curds. I had Asian Zing traditional wings, my usual order. Corwin had Caribbean Jerk on traditional wings. I wanted to help our locals. So wings and I had it delivered.

After that, I popped off to Ann Weld-Martin’s house to help her practice using Zoom. She needs to do online meetings now for various churches and other groups. I then returned home, armed with more books, Wayne borrowed two of my greatest WW2 books, The Reluctant Admiral, and Queen of the Flat Tops. The libraries are closed. I have a lot of books folks can borrow.

Back to the Star Trek figures. I have been trying to finish them all weekend. I just finished the light shading. They are finally drying.

The day started with me sleeping in a bit and getting up and getting back, you guessed it, to painting the figures. No news. No virus. Just paintbrush and 3x bifocal safety glasses. Yes, I use 3x to do these and a paintbrush called “Insane Detail” by Army Painters. I have a chrome pen that lets me draw bright chrome on to a figure. It looks really bright.

Star Trek Theme


(This morning’s state of work with chrome on the phaser)

Our pastor Jefferson did his sermon online. I watched it this morning at about the normal time for the sermon at church, 10:45 AM:

I also got a note from Golden Valley Brewery that they raised $4000 for their staff with the car wash! Music for that: Car Wash.

I got Susie started about 1PM, and we connected into Zoom to have a small group church meeting. A few issues with folks learning what to do. It worked well enough and, people were happy to see each other or, for those who never got the camera to work, hear each other. We had a pleasant meeting, and I believe everyone felt better after.

I did the laundry and then decided that Wild Buffalo Wings were better than making dinner.

I have scheduled my Roll20 game for Monday night. We are playing Dungeon and Dragons online, and the adventure is supplied by the makers of D&D, The Princes of the Apocolypse. We have been playing this one for about a year. We have been at this for a few years now. We have done three sets of adventures now.

I also have been reading a book published in 1929, WindJamming to Fiji. The book is written by one of the two gals that decided to sign-up as crew on an old iron sailing ship for its last voyage to Fiji in 1926. I found it in Powell’s for less than ten bucks. It goes day by day, an original blog! So when I am tired or stressed out, I pick up the book and see how the gals are doing. It is September 22, 1926, and the gals’ ship is just off of Washinton State, waiting for the winds to change. I wonder what they will be doing next. They brought a typewriter, and one of their duties is to keep the log. So they are typing the record instead of handwriting it. I shall be following their story, a non-electronic blog.


Back to work tomorrow. That is working right here on my Nike laptop.

Here is the final work on the figures, finished just before midnight:

Our famous bookstore Powells is closing down on Monday because of the virus protections being required of businesses and the family that owns it is laying-off all the workers–no more pay for the workers. They claim they cannot afford anything else and that they might not have the resources to re-open. As you can imagine, this message hit some sour notes for people here in Portland area.

The death rate of the USA is going down while the infection rate is increasing. It was a somber day in Italy as hundreds of people were reported to have passed away from the virus. I was thinking of something like this for all of us (yes, it is Luther): A Mighty Fortress is Our God.



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