Day 8: Back to working from home

Back to video meetings all day for work. The big project continues on, and after some confusion, we are mostly back to work.

I had trouble sleeping last night, so it is a hard Monday. The best song I thing for today: Manic Monday.

While I was working from home, I got a call from Rev. Ann Weld-martin. She was still having some issues with Zoom. So we did a few practice Zoom meetings while I was doing a video meeting at Nike. Sort of biblical as my left hand was on the Apple and the right on the Nike laptop. Thusly, the left hand did not know what the right was doing.

Susie was off to her hair, nails, etc. appointment. Her driver, Muhammad, is out-of-work. He was driving a taxi and taking her to her various appointments. So I paid him directly as he has no cab or even a credit card machine now. Susie is his only customer this week.

I ordered lunch from The Gyro House in Beaverton. A lamb gyro that I paid to have delivered to the house. I paid the make maximum $4.00 tip to the driver. A gal dropped it off, and we kept our distance. It was, as usual, a dream that takes me back to Istanbul.

Istanbul - 1

(an underground Cafe in the famous Cistern, Istanbul)

Work finally stopped, and I took a nap, still tired from little sleep last night.

I put bratwursts in the oven to bake for dinner. Potato salad is still left to go with it. There is also plenty of beer.

Monday is when we return to Roll20 to play Dungeons and Dragon, Fifth Edition, at 6:30. Everyone is there, Bill, Cory, Corwin, and Mackers, and we begin where we left off. We are near the end of the Princes of the Apocalypse. Roll20 has premade content for this premade adventure.Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 10.45.47 PM

(Screen from the game, DM view)

The store begins again; they are facing the evil air elemental priestess who is trying to summon her master, the air elemental prince. Before she can bring that evil plan to completion she must first destroy our adventures who show up just as she starts to summon the evil air elemental leader. She blasts them with chained lightening and her guards, great wind spirits, also brings some punishment to the adventures. They brush it off, except for their druid who is unconscious, and their anti-paladin shows the priestess no mercy. Their wizard delivers a fireball to finish the work the anti-paladin started. The druid is healed and all is well–Except the elemental gate is open.

The wizard tells the anti-paladin to throw the priestess magical spear into the void. Just as he does this the face of the giant air leader is seen at the gate. The spear explodes as it hit the gate and the air would-be-god is prevented from entering our world. 

There is only fire left to be dealt with. The adventurers rest and prepare for the final battles.

Next, the adventurers descend on a disk that magically lowers them to a lake of lava. They demand to be let into the domain of fire after destroying the domain of air. They are surprised that the evil forces of the fire elemental prince agree and just let them in. A bridge of sorts is created and the brave adventures rush the fire elemental cultists. These fire elemental cultists are strong and hit hard. Soon their transforming druid, usually in the form of a dinosaur, is knocked back down. The anti-paladin is knocked down. The bad guys have a fire giant on their side that hits even harder. Quick and lucky heals are done and a retreat is called. The now conscious anti-paladin says, “we need to be more subtle.” The burned, broken, bleeding adventurers hides in a magical invisible fort while the heal and rethink their plans.

It was fun. The players earned a new level for their characters. We will play next Monday. I suspect something less direct will be attempted on the next game.

Bill Bulter also looked at my test Roll20 game for Call of Cthulhu role-playing game (CoC). I have purchased all the material for CoC and he agrees that it a good implementation. I might get a CoC going on Roll20. Also, the system is easier to build material for so I might be able to write my own adventure. We will see.

Lastly, I have started on my American Civil War figures. I have “Battle in a box” to build, a small army to build in blue and grey. There are hard plastic 28mm scaled from Perry Miniatures in the UK. I have to assemble each soldier by selecting arms, hats, and flags and horses for some. It takes a while, but it produces a realistic-looking set of troops. I used these figures for a Civil War chess set I created as a Christmas present for David Smith–I like working with them. It is a treat to assemble each solider and produce a unique army.

Today the death rate for the US grew to more than one hundred a day.

The stock market continues to crash. There are more flights-to-cash, and liquidity issues are starting to create concerns in the market. Central banks are rushing in to buy up bonds from corporations. USA congress is deadlocked in a fight on a massive stimulus bill.

And today Oregon’s governor ordered everyone on Oregon to stay home and to leave our homes only to get food, exercise, and other necessary reasons. Food can be delivered and made in restaurants to-go.

I think it is time to think about the future: All Things Bright and Beautiful.

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