Day 9: More working from home

Sorry for a boring day, little special happened today with my first meeting with India at seven. And maybe when you are over 50 with high blood pressure and diabetes (both controlled) and asthma, it may good to have a day without surprises. I have read too many accounts in the news of someone over fifty with health issues dying from the virus. So I am thankful to have an uneventful day.

One of our friends in India that works for SAP had an exciting experience. I am sure he won’t mind me recounting it here. India is on lock-down too. He went for a run. The police stopped him. They let him finish his run after a discussion. We laughed in the meeting that he gets a police escort for a run!

Work was a series of emails and video conferences today. My blood pressure was spiked by only one meeting. It took me an hour to get my frustration under control–I read the book about the gals in 1926 sailing in the crew on a windjammer. I have read until they are more than halfway to Fiji. One of the gals has typhoid and cannot do much. The other gal, who tells the story, loves storms and describes some wild storms in the South Pacific. Drifting into a story of sailing in the 1920s got my mind off of work. I mentioned the book a few days ago: Windjamming to Fiji.

And that takes us to this song for today: Sailing.

I ordered lunch online from BJ’s Brewhouse. Sorba noodles for me and a full-rack of ribs for Susie and Corwin to share. I had it delivered. Dinner was a sandwich for me and Susie and Corwin shared macaroni and cheese. Corwin also made a hamburger scramble with various veggies in it.

I am still tired and having trouble sleeping.

I started working on my civil war battle figures. I have to glue them together, and the use of slow curing cryno glue makes it a bit difficult. I have to hold the pieces together too long.

I ordered Kristy Kreme donuts to be delivered at 8:15AM Wednesday. Why not?

My employer, Nike, crushed earning today for the third quarter, Nike sales in China were just a few percentage points down. Apparently, customers in China just changed to online ordering during the lock-down. I will let you read about that online. The commentaries suddenly sounded hopeful that at least one company has reported good earnings and reasonably good earning in the emergency.

Continuing with the investment news, the stock market broke a different kind of record. It has not gone up so fast since 1933. The market is expecting a vast stimulus package from the US congress–it is not done yet.

Also in the news, the central banks are still trying to fix the liquidity issues. There is not enough money to loan, especially US dollars. The banks are buying up debt fast to prevent a squeeze on US dollars and a sudden uncontrolled rise in lending costs. Most folks missed in the news that The Fed hired out help to buy debt and that cheap credit lines are being set-up for mutual funds. The banks are worried that another panic to dollars, you can call it flight-to-cash, might happen, and the mutual funds will have to sell at losses that will cause the market to go down and then more selling. By setting up a credit-line, the mutual funds can payout without selling immediately thus causing a spiral down of stock and bond prices. Of course, this means the US taxpayer is now backing all the mutual funds.

Finally, it was reported one hundred sixty-three people passed away from the virus in the USA today. It was terrible in Italy and the infection rate in the USA now that we have testing for the virus finally happening is going up at a scary rate.

This is a hymn for today. It took me a while to find a version that was something I liked (even this is a bit overproduced for my taste): It Is Well With My Soul.


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