Day 10: Another day working from home

Today a short set of stories.

First, I had Krispy Kreme donuts delivered at 8:15 this morning. I even got a thank you on the box.

Work was a lot of video meetings and discussions that are spiking other folks’ blood pressure. The project is moving, and this means that problems and issues must now be resolved. The time for diagrams is over, and we need to actually do the work.

Stopped by the pharmacy to get one of Susie’s pills replaced. This is an over-the-counter product, and I could not find it. While keeping our distance, the Rite Aid staff who knows me, I am there a lot, helped me look for it. At first, we gave up and then I heard my name called and I could not find the gal. The shelves are tall. She called out “Marco” and then I would get closer and say “Polo” from me. After a few “Marco Polo” I found her and she had the pills for me. Excellent!

I then went by the paper products. They had paper towel rolls on the shelf. I resisted the urge to just buy them. Still no toilet paper. At the check-out, the clerked whispered to me, knowingly that “there is toilet paper.” I told the clerk they had already sold out. She was shocked and said, “I am so sorry.”


(just paper towels on the shelf)

Music from Monty Python seems right for this: Monty Python Theme.

I ordered lunch from La Provence. It was brunch still, so I had their corned beef hash, and Corwin had salmon hash. Susie was still sleeping, and nothing on the menu was her favorite, so instead, I ordered her dessert. When she got going, she was happy with the choice. Start with dessert; life is short!

I made dinner and watched the Senate vote on the 2 trillion dollar stimulus package.

The stock market went up again. The liquidity issue is improving, but there is an explosion of junk debt now. Ford’s debt is now valued as junk. The US dollar is losing value meaning the flight (panic) to cash is passing.

It was reported that more than two-hundred forty people passed away today in the USA from the virus. It was reported that it was terrible in Spain today.

The hymn for today: Precious Lord Take My Hand (Elvis).


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