Day 11: Cupcakes!

Today I started a bit later. I slept in a bit and got going at 7AM; I need a bit more sleep. We still have donuts left from yesterday and bananas. So that was a good start.

Work was more video meetings and emails. The good news is that our part of the critical project was able to complete its first tests.  Again, I still had a few blood pressure spiking meetings. I slipped in the laundry and making cupcakes during the sessions.


I then again slipped out and took a long walk as I am very stiff from days of sitting and working on computers. It helped.

I took off Friday. That will help more, I think.

My gaming friends are playing Russian Railroad on GameArena. I have had enough of computer screens today; I passed.

Today was supposed to be the start of Gamestorm 2019. I was supposed to teach Scythe today. I planned to host four games today. The convention is rescheduled to 2020. I am a bit sad about not having Gamestorm today.

I also learned that SAP Sapphire 2020 in Orlando for May was canceled. I was also going to speak there.

So let us go with this song for the missed opportunities for games and travel: One Night in Bangkok.

Lunch was Beef Pho. Delivered by bike. We continue to support local restaurants by ordering lunch.

Dinner was grilled New York Strip steaks, green beans, and macaroni and cheese–the $3.79 Kraft Deluxe version. Corwin made dinner. He likes mac and cheese. It was excellent.

It appears that liquidity is becoming less stressed. It also appears that some of The Fed actions will allow the investment in junk bonds by experts who can pick the winner from the losers. Sadly, we have new junk bonds (i.e. Ford, Cheese Cake Factory, etc.). It appears the worst of the crashing is over and the market went up again. The market chart looks a lot like 2018 and not 1929. I have for years told folks that the nastiest risk is event risk–we have experienced a new example.

I listened to the New York City doctor at Cornell’s video and how he suggests dealing with the virus. It is 50+ mins long; try this link: Doctor

It was reported that more than two-hundred and sixty people passed away today in the USA from the virus. It was also reported for the world more than two-thousand seven-hundred people passed away from the virus just today.

Here is a favorite hymn done very well by our Morman friends here in the West in Utah: Holy Holy Holy.

2 thoughts on “Day 11: Cupcakes!”

  1. I love chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles!!! Today we discussed triaging ventilators and swabbed 33 people in 2 hours…..


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