Day 17: Wednesday again

Just a short note today.

I managed to get my wireless recharge circuit to work tonight. I started that after work. I have some induction coil recharging devices I purchased from Adafruit. Adafruit is a DIY supply shop based in NYC and building machines to help with the emergency now. I came up with an idea to use the supercapacitors to be wirelessly recharged instead of LiPo batteries. I picked up an old fashioned wire meter device a few years ago from a Hong Kong-based company, it was on discount, and that looks really funny connected by alligator jumpers to a modern looking supercapacitor and copper coils for wireless charging.


I believe the boost regulators are being delivered from Pololu, one of the best sources for DIY robot parts, on Thursday. I plan to attach those on the other side of the supercapacitor. That should get me a stable 3.3V, and I should be able to run a small Python device and run some basic LEDs tricks from the device. I think I will keep the needle meter, so retro! Wireless pretty lights!

So today’s song is I Robot.

Today was another work day in video meetings on and off all day. More panic as resource issues continue, and deadlines are not changed. We are slowly aligning to solutions, and I think we can deliver late, but not fatally late. Panic and meetings, endless, will continue.

I ordered from Happy Panda for my lunch. I got an appetizer of crab and cream cheese stuffed wontons for Susie. I had it delivered to support our local drivers. You pay with a credit card on delivery for Happy Panda, ugh. Today was the first time I washed a credit card and my hands!

I took a walk after work closed out. More people were out. We all passed each other with lots of space, but we all smiled at each other, and I said I was happy to see them. Most folks responded in kind.

I made tacos for dinner.

The stock market started to crash again. This time the sales of equities are flight-to-treasuries not so much to US dollars, better. The market is seeing bankruptcies beginning at the 2008 pace already. Liquidity issues that remain, and there are many, are mostly imbalances in The Fed and Central Bank interventions. Bonds are starting to sell again as good quality bonds are going at a discount. Some new issues of debt are actually overselling!

Yesterday the number of those slain by the virus in the USA jumped more than 200 people while I was writing the summary to 900 death. Today, more than a thousand people fell to the virus in the USA.

Hymn today: On Eagle’s Wings.


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