Day 18: Thursday with Migraine

Today was another Thursday in lockdown here in Oregon. It ended with a Migraine that just stopped. I had full-blown vision issues, dizziness, and pain. I get these maybe once a year, and this one was particularly bad. I just have to stop and find a dark place and sleep for an hour. Sleep does some form of a reset that brings everything back to normal.

Today was another day of video conferences with more and more alignment happening on the project. I also joined a video meeting from Europe about revising some accounting data (sorry details cannot be shared) by a friend who lived in the USA before returning to Holland. We had another conference to just check-in with each other and as a substitute for the usual dinner we have. The travel restrictions mean that his intention of introducing the changes in person is not possible. He asked me how things are in the USA. I smiled and showed him my horde of toilet paper using my laptop camera. This got a laugh.

I have some more short deadlines and the folks assigned to help me work in India. It looks like I may work India hours today. I will get up at 1AM and see if they can get started.

Lunch I ordered from BJ’s Brewhouse. I had spice soba noodles and chicken, and I ordered a full rack of ribs for Susie to share. I had this delivered supporting our local drivers and restaurants. I tried to do Red Robin, but they could not deliver to me today. Not sure what happened there.

After work, I started back on my supercapacitor circuit. Pololu parts were delivered by the USA Postal Service. I was able to make the wireless and boost regulator work. The new part works perfectly, cutting off when there is not enough power to get 3.3V. I could not get the supercapacitor working before the migraine stopped me. Closer.

I found in my unstarted models the fictional Seaview submarine. This is from a 1960s show, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, that I still watch once in a while. This might be my shell for that submarine I want to make with all of these electronics.

The theme songs for this show was a classic: Theme Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. All the Irwin Allen TV shows had amazing themes. And none is as crazy at this one: Lost in Space Original Theme.

I did get a Python-based microcontroller to run off the breadboard circuit. I have to rearrange the supercapacitor placement in the circuit to get enough power to the microcontroller. I will also need more voltage to run a small motor and servo.

Right about then everything stopped for the migraine. I will try to work this over the weekend.

While trying to recover from the migraine, we held a practice meeting for church. More Zoom video conferences. We wanted to work music into our Sunday video worship service. The church now meets on Sunday in small Zoom meetings. Multiple groups meet on Sunday, with everyone offered one to attend. We will now have a pause where each of us online will mute and play music on a supplied link. The local play does not have the distortion. Our church music director, Howard, is supplying the links. We will then unmute and continue. We give this a try this Sunday.

Today the stock market was all over the map. There is now a huge move into bonds with so many companies now issues debt to keep going. The days of stock buy-backs and companies keep no reserved cash appear to be over. The Fed and Central Banks have put in so much money into the markets you can almost hear Wall Street singing, Good Times Are Here Again, even fiscal conservatives. I heard one bond trading saying, “bubbles are fun on the way up–there will be a lot of fun.” My 401K is showing a -14% return YTD. This is not really that bad, last year was +27% growth for the year.

Despite the headache, for the stock market and bubble bond market: Mr. Blue Sky

It is reported that there are more than nine-hundred sixty deaths attributed to the virus here in the USA. This is less than the day before, but that could be a reporting issue, but let’s hope for a further reduction in deaths on Friday for the USA.

The hymn for today is We Shall Overcome.



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