Day 19: Another Friday Working From Home

Just a short update today.

I have been a bit ill today. Leftovers from the migraine and having to check in with India for work on our project at 1AM. I have been given support from India. In the current world of IT, you end up working crazy hours.

Today was meetings and more video meetings. I was also having issues with the system I need to upgrade. It took all day to get those under control, and I was still getting requests at 6PM.

My headache came back, so I rested and woke to dinner made by Corwin. Excellent meal!

I am finishing the day working on my electronic project. I finally finished the circuit using supercapacitors to run a microcontroller. It works as I designed for five seconds. I have all the boost and regulators working, and with a row of very expensive supercapacitors, I could extend the run time. That would also then extend the charge time, or I would have to increase the amps. Physics cannot be denied, and a capacitor is not a battery. I will have to return to older designs using batteries. My scale is too small to have substantial charging circuits. 

The circuit, while not usable for my purposes, is really cool. I never had anything like this before. A no battery 5-second delay to no power without distortion.


Today’s lunch was ordered from Gyro House and delivered on time. The food is always a dream of the Middle East and Turkey. I ate too much.

My neighbors are building a chicken coop. We talked that we should set-up an exchange rate. So many eggs for a roll of toilet paper.

I am very tired tonight.

The stock market went down today. Not really a crash. It seems that folks are rushing to buy all the cheap debt now backed my The Fed and Central Banks and backed by the American taxpayer. Let’s go with this one, Tiny Bubble.

Today it is reported that more than one-thousand three-hundred people lost their battle with the virus today in the USA. The song for our loss: Rock of Ages.


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