Day 25: Thursday @ Home Again

I will skip over working from home. Work was so chaotic it is hard to describe. But my friends got their software installed, and that was a significant achievement.

Lunch, yes, moving to lunch topic that fast was ordered from BJ Brewhouse today. Sorba noodles and chicken for me. I ordered Susie’s favorite, potatoes skins with cheese and bacon, but I forgot to drop the green onions. I was able to de-onion most of them. I was forced to consume the failures. Again delivered and thus helping the local businesses and drivers.

Today is Theology Pub. We would meet at the Cascade Brewing‘s bar to discuss weighty theological issues while enjoying various adult beverages and often their good dinner fare. This was our first meeting after the crisis. Zoom now. Susie and I sat on our deck outside, a sunny day 70F+, and drank beer and had pizza. A lot of others were drinking their usual or what is available on their couch. We discussed why bad things happen and how are attitude can make it worse. We did talk a lot about the virus and how things are changing and how to bring normality back, if possible.

It was excellent to have the Theology Pub again.

This is not what Theology Pub is like, but it cames to mind: Major General.

As I said above, dinner was take-and-bake pizza with beer. I went out with a mask on and acquired the consumables.

My sister, a nurse in Michigan, texted me that she lost some patients to the virus today. I sent her a summer-ish picture of my backyard. It was all I could think to do. Some pretty and calm.


So we hope for a calm and kind voyage for all. Today the report is that nearly two-thousand people, including over a hundred in Michigan, including some folks at Linda’s hospital, passed away from the virus. It is Passover so a psalm seems a good choice: Psalm 104.

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