Day 26: Good Friday 2020

Just a short note today.

The shoe company is open on Good Friday, and so I worked from home, as is the usual now. The chaos is still running at work, but the project keeps moving forward. I am now being tasked with new items for the next milestone. I am happy it is the weekend.

I lost count of the emails and video conferences at work.

No finance news as it is Good Friday.

We went for breakfast for lunch. Eggs Benedict delivered from Tom Pancake House. Corwin had the french toast special. It was good and still mostly hot when delivered. Again, trying to help our local driver and restaurants.

I left work a bit early as it was Good Friday, and my issues were still not being addressed. Definitely, time for the weekend to start!

Finished the short book Gentlemen Prefer Blonds and started the second book But Gentlemen Marry Brunettes published together in one book.This is more of my 1920s research. The book at first started out slow and the book purports to be dairy of a flapper. Her escapades are recorded as she moves from a gentleman to another gentleman.  The grammar and spelling are all wrong. I was laughing out loud when reading.

Rev. Anne Weld-Martin called. Her computer broke. I drove over, and yup, it is dead. I do not have the restart disks, and all of that to recover Windows 10. She will have to get it fixed from their expert. If she cannot get it fixed in time, I will provide my Apple for her to run her church Zoom group on Easter.

It was so warm, and summy Susie read a book on the deck for most of the afternoon.

I told a friend of mine that I was stuffing plastic eggs for an Easter Egg Hunt with toilet paper. Anyone can get candy, Toilet paper is hard to get! Ok, that is a joke.

I started on my American Civil War army again. I am still assembling the troops. I built 15 more today.


I love being allowed to pick the hats and how they hold their guns. I am building them charging with their weapons.  I have 45 assembled, about one-third of the way through. I have to paint them. I have fences and buildings to make. I have calvary to build too, and artillery and all the men at the gun. It will really look cool. It is always hard to start, as there is so much to do.

Here are some I made a few years ago. These are leftovers from a Civil War chess set I built. I had bought a small set of infantry from Perry Miniatures.


Speaking of leftovers, we had leftover pizza with beer for dinner.

Changing to the new, I saw reports of mass burials in New York. The reports included that more than two-thousand people died in the USA today, Good Friday 2020, from the virus. I found Johnny Cash singing Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.

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