Day 27: Saturday before Easter 2020

I smell of vinegar. That does sound like a line from Monty Python. As this Easter seems so disjointed by the social distancing and well mostly no social anything, I have dyed eggs with Susie to try to find some Easter spirit–well the bunny kind. We enjoyed it, and it did bring back a little bunny-like feeling.

I had to admit that I looked up the instructions for hard boiling eggs; I do not make them very often. I had it right, but the thought of half-cooked dyed eggs made me check myself.  I managed to break three eggs still. Dropping ice on them to cool them was poorly thought out.

Additional issues happened when I punched out the eggs drying spots in the box that came with the little copper loops for dipping the eggs and the dye in nine shades (that is a lot of choices). The directions were on the box–‘were’ being the operative word there. The punching removed most of the instructive words. I did read them once before I punched them away, so I got out the vinegar and warm water. These we “marble” colors, so you add some oil to produce a marbling look.

Susie had trouble balancing the eggs on the silly wire loops. We managed to not dye ourselves or crack-up any eggs. We have a beautiful collection of colored eggs, marbled. I cleaned up and managed to get the dye in the sink without changing the color of the floor, but I did pick-up the odor as if I were pickled.

Before all of these events, I helped the Easter Bunny and went to RiteAid. There the dye and various candies and PEZ dispensers were acquired. There was also toilet paper and paper towel! Easter baskets will be there for Corwin and Susie in the morning from the Easter Bunny.

They had terrific orchids near the toilet paper–I tried not to draw a conclusion from that. I went for the orchid for Susie, miniature phalaenopsis orchids. We still have a week’s supply of toilet paper left.



Even before my trip to RiteAid, I started Saturday about 8ish and made a pound cake. This time I got it right. I missed the direction to put in the flour (stop laughing). I had waited until 1AM to finish baking a pound cake last night only to find a strange sugar and egg custard in my pan. Yuck! This morning I did it all over and got it right. This is a “one bowl” recipe from the New York Times. It is much easier (when you put the flour in it) than most recipes I have done, and Susie declared it good. Remember, she is a retired professional food service manager! So good is great praise.

I also wandered off to the former Cash and Carry store to pick up something for Easter dinner. I found a case of frozen restaurant-quality ribeye steaks. Most folks had masks on and were keeping their distance. Actually, a gal nearly crashed into the coffee syrups to avoid getting too close. A masked store manager helped her before a disaster happened.

The Giessner family dropped off some wine, they pick-up my wine from Purple Cow Vinyards for me, and they included three cloth masks. Most kind!

Rev. Anne Weld-Martin’s computer is back to life. I helped her find her way again on Zoom. The Google results for Zoom was returning her to the sales screen and not the account screen for Zoom. This is much like Apple’s spelling correction that picks the wrong word. Google is sending her to the sales screen as they are paid for that one. If you key “ “, you will avoid this. Notice the space at the end. That space stops google from adding on to “” to get the sales screen.

It was another sunny warm day in Oregon in April. Usually, it is so wet that flowers rot of the plants in April!

I made steaks that we have had in the freezer for dinner–we need to get some room in the fridge. I fried them and then finished them in the oven. They are small thin steaks, but very tender. I made baked potatoes and green beans too. Susie has been looking for sour cream on a potato, and finally, I had it.

I have completed 55 American Civil War 28mm soldiers. I will have most of the confederates done soon. I have to do some drummers and flag holding infantry.

Today the numbers are better, but a lot of people are dying every day. The report is that more than one-thousand eight-hundred people passed today just before Easter in the USA. The story for the world is more than six-thousand people fell to the virus today.

For those we lost today: In the Garden.

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