Day 28: Easter 2020

We left the Christmas Wreath on the door as it smelled so lovely. Walking through the door, you get a nice smell of pine, but now we have a flapping. Yes, the sparrows built a nest behind the wreath even with little eggs. They fly away when someone uses the door. It is well protected and, except for a few humans who use their nest as a door, completely safe from predators. So now it is a Spring Wreath.

birdnest in door

(the nest lodged between the reef and the screen on the door, the eggs are tiny)

Susie and Corwin got colorful and fuzzy Easter-themed bags filled with candy and even PEZ dispensers from the Easter Bunny.

My sister and I texted pictures for Easter.

As it is Easter, let’s go with this happy Easter song from seven years ago. Someday the UK will be able to again fill Albert Hall and sing Ode to Joy.

Rev. Anne Weld-Martin had a short small group meeting for Easter at 10:30, and then Susie and I joined Joan Goldhammer for our meeting at 2PM. We watched the service before that on-line. Our Bishop Elaine Stanovsky gave the sermon about being apart and together at the same time.

We then had a face-time group of Susie family for Easter. Susie got to see, small on my iPhone, her mother and aunts and uncles, and her sister for Easter.

Corwin and a friend made dinner and we played Architects of the West Kingdom. Susie was reading while we played a three-person game. We opened one Bottle of Purple Cow Vinyard Durif wine to go with dinner. It was excellent.

The wine required a short nap from me. The day is already gone. Easter always seems to be over before you are getting started. So today just a short story.

It was reported that on this Easter 2020, more than five-thousand people passed away from the virus in the world. More than fifteen-hundred Americans are included in that total. I went with a Houston Church’s version with the old-style organ: We’ve a Story to Tell to the Nation.

2 thoughts on “Day 28: Easter 2020”

  1. I have to share Michael, that we have always referred to it as a Wreath – since we always associate reef as usually rocks and such in the ocean or other bodies of water. We are looking forward to watching the progression of your nest – I’m betting you will have a camera monitoring it in no time – thank you for sharing your days with us. Blessings – Jeanne and Ron


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