Day 30: Tuesday Again

A short note for today.

Working from home today and learned that our big project is delayed by six months now. But, my part of the project is NOT delayed. So we push on with more panic today, different panic. So more video conferences. More emails. All a blur now.

I ordered lunch from Gyro House and got two chicken gyros with fries. I ordered a lamb gyro with hummus plate. Never had the chicken before. It was good. I did not bother to call them as there is nothing they can do but give it to me free and have me re-order online and hope it shows up right that time. Whoever got my order, I hope they enjoyed it.

The Schwan’s truck came, Stephane comes every other Tuesday,  and had pork chops so I got some and made them for dinner. Interestingly, Stephane told me that her truck had reduced inventory–they are selling lots of stuff and could not fully load-up the truck today. I had to take Butter Pecan and not my usual Chocolate Mint ice cream.

I boiled potatoes and made mashed potatoes to go with it and cooked up some green beans with butter. Everyone liked it.

I then went back to my electronic work tonight and managed to get a servo to work in Python on my Grand Central M4. This is a capable microcontroller from AdaFruit manufactured in New York City. AdaFruit is currently building items for the crisis instead of making DIY electronics.

For my DIY work, I could not make the servo work last time as I had an issue with a special servo controlling hardware. I was getting an error in the software that talks to the controller. This time I controlled the servo from the Grand Central M4. It worked without issue. I have to manage getting power to the servo–it is not safe to drain power from the Grand Central M4 for the servo.

I have my bench version of what I am building, a computer-controlled ship, that has flashing lights, GPS, LCD, and now servo control. Getting there!


(me in my safety glasses with 3x bifocals)

That leaves the motor controller left to do. I will try to get that in the next few days.

The stock market went up a lot today. The S&P 500 was flying up. With all the money from The Fed and Central Banks and the direct payments to business and people, the USA market is now in a mood to buy. Bonds and equities are going up together. I will just take the money into my 401K.

The reports show a significant increase in deaths from the virus in the USA today, more than two-thousand four-hundred people.

I went with Here I am Lord to remember all the people we lost today.



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