Day 33: Friday, here again

A short uneventful day.

I cannot believe we are on day 33. It seems so long, and yet it is only a month. The days just seem to mush into a stew of terrible news and working from home. The stock market crashes, then The Fed and Central Banks prints so much money I suspect that is why we are short of toilet paper (did I just create another conspiracy theory)! S&P 500 has a terrible crash and one of its best days on record–all in the same 33 days!

Work started at about 6:30 this morning. I rolled over and slept for an extra thirty minutes. It is not so much about extra sleep as having some control over when I start. It is more comfortable when I decide to get up and not blindly following a clock.

Work was filled with video conferences and some reaction to all the panic. We are deciding on “the how” to solve issues now. In one meeting, I was the only person without “director” in their title. I turned off my video and, there was a bit of a surprise. They realized I was going to get all the work, and they were concerned I had dropped off the call. One cannot see the possible career-ending eye-rolling with the video off.

While I was being treated to an unlimited supply of directors, I was also trying to fix a technical issue with an upgrade I am also responsible for. We worked until late on Friday trying various tests to better define the issue. I have to update the trouble-ticket (OSS incident to you SAP folks) with our latest fails.

I made soup for lunch as today was a march of meetings and problems and attempts to fix or at least diagnose issues. Corwin made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.

I fell asleep right after work. I then wake up and had to head to Safeway to get dishwasher soap. The day seems to have run away and ended without me ready for that.

The Safeway had toilet paper (maybe The Fed did not use up all the paper after all), paper towels, even dried goods like beans and rice, and no fresh garlic bread. Safeway cannot get garlic–their suppliers are out. Apparently, the people of the State of Oregon smell of garlic!

As usual, I take a cleaning wipes at the entrance to Safeway when I take a cart. I then wipe the cart handle and my hands. I try to remember to follow all the directions in the store. We have one-way aisles now, and folks try to stay six feet away while shopping. When I am done shopping, and in check-out, I tell the checkers I wiped my hands before shopping so they feel a bit safer. I thanks them for working. Today the checker, and I chatted almost like everything was normal. The checker had a mask on as I did. 

I watched the first episode of one of the few shows I watch: Most Deadliest Catch. The world looks so strange back in October when the events were filmed. No virus and high prices for crab. The economy was so good that folks were buying lots of crabs and Russia’s Putin had put on curbs on Russian fishing to increase the price. Unreal now.

I am tired and it was a day at work that had me checking my retirement balances! The weekend is welcome. I am trying to work on infrared communication on my robot project, but I am tired and making some mistakes. Saturday will be a better day for that.

The reports have been a bit confused as they have added more deaths that were initially misdiagnosed to the total. But today it was reported that more than two-thousand five-hundred people lost their battle with the virus this Friday in the USA. And every one of those victims of the virus had nurses and doctors and caregiver that felt the loss plus family and friends also to grieve. I will go for words from Revelations set to music to remember our loss: I Will Sing the Wondrous Story. I remember this song as something I could even sing. The lyrics tell a story about us all being together someday, again.




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