Day 32: April 16, 2020–56 years

Sorry, I am very late writing today as it is my 56th birthday, and I have been relaxing a bit today.

Starting in the middle, we had a cake that I made the day before. What we call German Chocolate (to the objection of Germans) with pecan and coconut frosting from a box and can. I added Oregon cherries soaked in rum. The cherries are mostly added to the cake with a few saved to put on top. The rum and cherry juice then mixed in the store-bought frosting. Easy, boozy, and slightly nutty and fruited–that is my birthday cake.


Instead of singing “Happy Birthday,” I played on my phone, and we sang along with the Beatles When I am 64. Corwin then played with Louie Armstrong singing: Happy Birthday. I then took on the challenge and found It was a Very Good Year. Corwin noticed I was going for oldies, so he played the Soviet Propaganda: The Battle is Going Again (Happy Birthday Lenin!!). I needed a few songs to counter that one: Happy Birthday Mr. President, and we all sang with this one: If I Were a Richman. We stopped after I played a video we all forgot about that is set of all places on the surface of Mars: Britney Spears – Oops!…I Did It Again (Official Video). Oops, I had another birthday.

I have to admit we all had been drinking for a bit…and have been isolated. Please feel free (with maybe a drink) and play the songs by clicking on them.

I started work at about 6:30 and found that the tasks I needed to do are delayed at least a day, so I took off the afternoon from Nike. I had meetings after meetings on data conversions until I hit noon.

Lunch was from Gyro House. I hoped to get what I ordered today. Last time I got someone else’s order. I watch on Grubhub as my delivery person kept driving past Gyro House and then circle back and miss it again. Twenty minutes later, my lunch appeared. It was still hot and was even my order.

I then went out to get our prescriptions. RiteAid is better stocked now. Susie had some meds she needed.


(here I am cruising to RiteAid)

I then went back to reading The Kaiser’s Battlefleet. I bought this from the USA Naval Institute for my birthday. I was learning much about the construction and logic behind the Imperial German Navy and precisely how the High Seas Fleet come into being. I know that World War 1 is not most folks’ interest, but that fleet has fascinated me. It is also telling that this is, more than a hundred years later, the first book on this topic that includes new research and validates the assumptions I have read before. For example, there has been a legend that the German Cruiser Blücher guns were smaller caliber because British double agents convinced the German Navy that Britain was using smaller weapons. The author has found no basis for that–the gun sizes were selected by a committee, and the smaller sized guns were to save money and weight. So interesting to me to learn the spy story is just a good story (oddly, one of the last acts of Sherlock Holms is being a double-agent to do precisely that, see His Last Bow).

I also started work on the Robot again. I was thinking of using LoRa communication to control it. I have purchased the LoRa Gateways from Sparkfun, and these are new style DIY networking for Long Range device communication. I managed to get “blink” working on the device. I stopped when I saw the complexity of the set-up. I might use something less complex for the first time.

Lastly, one of the best BBC old detective shows was on PBS, “Inspector Morse.” I stopped everything and watched it from 9:00 to 11:00 tonight. That is why I am so late today. I truly enjoy that show.

Today’s reports are that the death rate in the USA is more than two-thousand souls lost this day to the virus. I pick the Titanic hymn for today, Nearer, My God, to Thee.

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