Day 35: Sunday in Lockdown

Just a short easy day.

I made stir fry cumin beef for dinner from Cook’s Illustrated magazine. I did not care for it. Corwin said it was good. I did order lunch from Red Robin. Burgers for Susie and I. That I enjoyed.

I read and took it easy. I tried to get my Robot stuff to work–nothing worked. So I put that aside too. It will take more effort than I am willing to give today.

So Susie and I attended church online at 2PM. We all talked about the temptation to be over isolated and the temptation to fight against the isolation. We talked about how it is not about me but about us as a community protecting each other from the virus and finding a way to go on.

Returning to making dinner, I had no rice and had to head to Safeway again. I carefully followed the new rules with the one-way signs and picked up things for the stir fry and for dinner over the next few days. I know most of the checkers, and they wave to me and told me how happy they are to see me and asked me if we are fine. “We’re OK,” I tell them with a smile that reaches my eyes–all they can see with the mask.

So just a slow day of cooking and cleaning and reading.

An aside: I do all of this work on my Apple.


(everything will be good; I have The Ring)

An update: The little sparrow that has a nest on the front door, behind the wreath, is still sitting on the nest. I try not to disturb the bird. I do stand on my toes to see it through the little window on the top of our door, and it then sits-up on its nest and looks back at me. That use to make the bird fly away. Now it just watches me. We are getting used to each other.

On the longer-term finances, my 401K has lost only 7.5% this year-to-date. Thus, I have already recovered most of the loss. Yes, my totals are matching my mid-summer 2019 values. I am reading that panic is starting, and the advice is to hold until May and then sell to cash–according to these authors, that is when the economic damage and bankruptcies will start. In other words, the word is that The Fed and Central Banks and the vast governmental stimulus plans are creating a bubble and it will all collapse. For you that are already putting in your sell orders, these are the same people who previously told you that everything was great in 2008. I am touching nothing, except I increased my contributions to my 401K. I want some more–sorry I am the son of a capitalist.

I have a new book coming. The Abebooks site is still running and I am supporting book stores. I find Powell’s website, our local super book store, to never work right or have what I am looking for even when I know they have it. So I order from small book stores all over the country. I have purchased the first two books in the Elric series, not the expensive collector versions I use to buy cheap in East Lansing’s Curious Bookstore, but a newer printed version that is not that expensive (yes, if you have cheap-back-then DAW Elric first book in some old moving box in the basement, you might want to retrieve it).


I wanted to read them again. The second in the series is coming from California and the first is oddly coming from Eugene Oregon. 

The reports today show the death rate in the USA slipping to one-thousand five-hundred this Sunday. The total number of deaths in the USA broke forty-thousand. I picked a Psalm of Ascent to remember all the people we lost: Shir Ha Ma’alot – Song of Ascents (Ps 126).

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