Day 38: Wednesday All Night

This will a brief update. It is also late. I was interrupted.

I have worked all night and all day, and I am headed into the next night. I grab a nap when I can.

I spent Tuesday and all night Tuesday and the morning of Wednesday working.

I am tired, and it is hard to write. I am waiting for someone to reply back to my request, so I have a few minutes to write.

Today I ordered lunch from a Smaaken Waffle Sandwiches delivered. My sandwich was more like eating a sponge around some real food. Maybe not something you should have delivered. I had slipped in a nap late morning, having only a few hours of sleep overnight, so a waffle in the afternoon sounded good. It was not.

I continued to work on the issues at the shoe company and made dinner of beef ribs thinly sliced cross-cut. I marinated them in teriyaki sauce and did them on the gas grill. Perfect. I tried to make steak fries in the oven by slicing potatoes and roasting with salt and pepper. The fries were just average and a bit undercooked.

I am back online working and trying to contact the India team to take up the issue that happened at 9:00PM local time. I have another sleepless night coming.

Our weather was rain and more normal Oregon weather. Funny when you welcome back gray weather.

I received a new book today, Digging Up Armageddon, from one of my favorite authors: Eric H. Cline. This book is the re-telling of the 1920s dig at Megiddo. I visited the ruins of Megiddo in Israel in 1994 with Susie and a church group. The author’s lectures are online, highly recommended, and I loved his previous book 1177BC: The Year Civilization Collapsed. 

For my reading, this is another 1920s story and more homework for my Call of Cthulhu role-playing game writing. What is a real dig like in the 1920s? Looking forward to reading this and using it as a model for my own horror adventure. It will go next to my copies of 1926 reports on the dig at Stonehenge.  

The market was up today. Oil was the main discussion, and it appears that the panic is over, but there were a lot of money changing hands due to options trades. ETFs were also called out for causing some of the chaos over the last week. The president of the NASDAQ said that they are experiencing a large increase in options activity. I bet!

Today the reports show that more than two-thousand three-hundred Americans died from the virus this Wednesday. One of the hymns I can actually can sing for today: Lift High the Cross.

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