Day 39: Thursday All Day

I was working on the upgrade of software again all through the night into the day and into the evening. Someday this software will be done!

Lunch was Chef Boyardee spaghetti from a can–I had purchased a few cans when things looked a bit desperate in the stores. I thought I should finally eat it. It was exactly as I remember it. I told Corwin I might have to donate the other two cans.

I slept through the day between running steps for the software upgrade and some meetings. It has been three days and nights, but it is almost there!

Dinner I had delivered, KFC. And Corwin and both commented on how well made the chicken was this time. Undoubtfully the manger is running the kitchen now and wants to send out only excellent KFC. During the emergency, even KFC is taking this a bit more seriously.

I ordered some more robot parts while waiting for an update on the software. I was looking for something to allow me to control it. That was simple. I found the re-use of HAM radio technology to create a small two-way transceiver: SparkFun RFM69 Breakout (915MHz). This is a break-out board of the baseboard to give easy access to the pins using old school through-hole soldering. Sparkfun is still shipping, I looked at AdaFruit, and they are still only making items for the emergency–they are based in New York City. They make and now sell masks for local delivery.

I am reading Elric stories when I can’t sleep. I am in the middle of the second book in the series from Gollancz, Elric, The Fortress of the Pearl. I know I have read it before, but I do not remember much from this book. I am enjoying rediscovering Elric’s adventures. This book has him invading the dreams to free the victim of endless sleep with a, as usual, exotic beautiful women of strange power and skilled with a blade. I am about halfway through the book.

I only went out to get dinner and the mail today with all the chaos from work.

I received a cookbook from Milk Street Kitchens today. They had a special if you buy two, so one for me and one as a Christmas gift. Yes, I am getting ready for this virus stuff to ramp-down and for Christmas to come!

The Met Opera is showing its opera for free, a different one a day. I missed The Merry Widow with Reneé Flemming a few years ago. I managed to fit in the first act today.

Today the total deaths to the virus in the USA is reported to be higher than fifty-tousand. The total deaths reported from the virus for this Thursday in the USA is over two-thousand three-hundred. This is close to the number from the day before. The hymn to remember all of these people: Breathe on Me Breath of God.


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