Day 41: Saturday–Sleeping In and Gala

I have not slept into 10AM in a long time. I did wake up a lot, but I just rolled over and went back to sleep. I have had too many long nights, not to sleep.

When I finally get up and make coffee, I turn to The Met Opera. It is the Gala. It is the first time I have been invited. Actually, anyone online was asked to come. I get to watch the great opera singers give solos from there homes. I spent the morning watching. I donated $20 in honor of Leta, my mother-in-law, for the Gala.


(me in my robe drinking coffee at The Met Opera Gala 2020)

Elina sang this song from her home for the Gala: Carmen: “L’amour est un oiseau rebelle” (Elina Garanca).

I have to admit I read and watched some TV and took it easy today. I made New England Clam Chowder from a can for lunch. I went to Safeway and got some basics. I did not shave as there are no video conferences today.

I made jambalaya from a box for dinner adding in kielbasa, bratwurst, and andouille sausage–I picked those up today. I lightly cooked the angle-sliced sausage (it is already cooked) to give it a bit more flavor in the pot with a bit of oil, I then added a can of stewed tomatoes once the sausage was just showing some brown, and added a cup of long grain rice to reduce the spiciness with a cup of extra of water. I follow the cooking instructions on the box (2.5 cups of water more). Twenty-five minutes later, we are ready for dinner. No seafood here at the Wild’s as Susie is allergic.

I called and was called. I talked to a lot of folks today. It seems everyone wants to reconnect and catch-up. It was nice to chat with so many friends today.

I started Digging Up Armageddon today. It is enchanting like Eric H. Cline’s other books I have read on history and archeology. I have already pre-ordered his new book on archeology on Amazon. Again, if you look on YouTube, you will find his lectures. They are highly recommended.

I managed to work a little bit on my robot stuff. I managed to reconfigure the GPS device to talk to the alternative serial port#3. I am now trying to get a connection to yet another serial port. I want it to use another serial port to give the robot commands. I have a USB to serial 3.3V device from SparkFun and will see if I can make that work.

I did have to connect with the shoe company today. They wanted a status report on the crises of the day. I explained where we are and what is the plan. I then closed the Nike computer and put it aside.

The reports show that more than two-thousand America’s lost their battle with the virus today. My mother mentioned she listens to Willie Nelson a lot now, so let’s go with this one: Just a closer walk with thee – Patsy Cline And Willie Nelson.




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