Day 42: Sunday, Ready Go!

I think my shortest report–I am already working tonight.

The number 42 is famous in the improbable Douglas Adam statement that it is the answer to the ultimate question, “Life, the universe, everything.” I did not find my answers today, but I keep looking!

For me, day forty-two is a day of mixed weather today in Oregon and diverse events. I took most of the day off. I did make dinner. We made grill steak over pasta alfredo for dinner. Lunch was reheated pizza. I did some reading, finishing The Kaiser’s Fleet. I managed to do some robot work and get the command reading part working in Python. I have a lot more work to do, but the hardware side is working. The transceivers are on their way from Denver. If I can get this upgrade done for the shoe company, I will take off some time to get some them working.

I am already working for the shoe company tonight as I have a very high ticket for a problem with an upgrade. I will likely work all night. I have already sent out a status report and reminded folks to get ready.

I have today started the final editing on a short story from my sci-fi writing. For those who know me, yes. Another “Howard” story is finishing up. This time my fictional version of H.P. Lovecraft, a Portland-based time-traveling agent against arcane horrors, visits Amsterdam. The same place we spent Christmas. I usually become inspired when we travel to create another story, and so it is finishing up. It is set in present-day (pre-virus) Amsterdam. It should be finished soon.

I attended two Zoom church meetings today. We talked about isolation. It was nice to see all the church folks. Susie slept in today, and so it was just me this time.

Today’s report shows thankfully low numbers, but at least a thousand Americans passed away from the virus today. I was looking for a hymn that fits today and decided it must be Easter again and found this supercharged version: Christ the Lord Is Risen Today arr. Rutter/Burnett/Metzger.

I wish you another Happy Easter! This year we need more than one!

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