Day 43: Sunday-Monday Work

I was online ordering dinner at 6:35 from Stir Crazy Kitchen when I saw that I had missed a call from Cory. It then dawned on me that it was Monday and I play, and DM Dungeons and Dragons on Roll20 on Mondays @ 6:30PM PDT. Or five minutes ago! I had just woken from rest. I had worked all night from Sunday into Monday late morning. I then took a short nap and then another set of work updates and emails that I can find nothing happy to say about. I went back to sleep and totally spaced that it was Monday and I had gaming scheduled.

And it is The Tomb of Horrors, the wicked tomb hunt that in many ways inspired the creation of Laura Croft and some of the traps that Indiana Jones faced, that we are to play tonight. This requires a certain level of sharpness from the gamers, including the hosting Dungeon Master. I got going ten minutes late and accept their condolences for my work schedule. When work becomes so crazy that you miss a game session, that gets true sympathy from the other gamers.

My players forgave me for being a bit muddled, but we did have a few surprises and my players avoided some horrific deaths and solved some diabolical trap-puzzles. So far just close calls. We enjoyed the content and the game!

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 10.14.22 PM

(here is the start screen in Roll20)

The day is a blur as I was working all night. I spoke to India, Singapore, and locally through the night-morning-day that was Sunday-Mondy. At about three in the morning, I ordered bagels to be delivered at 7:30 from Einstein Bagels via DoorDash. I had a lox bagel. I had half a dozen and garden smear provided for Susie and Corwin. After a short nap, I another bagel for late lunch with garden smear.

The work is finally done, and I can return to regular hours after this Sunday-Monday non-stop day.

I saw that the stock market in the USA is going up again. There are a small collection of companies that are showing windfalls. Toilet paper, aspirin, home-based entertainment, and like obvious highly sought after products during the emergency are showing rising sales and profits. While oil prices are at best confused as we just have too much oil and the oil producers are well producing (pun in there, I think). Oddly, large companies have managed to scoop-up most of the money for small companies from the Washington DC stimulus package. Maybe that is not that odd; free money is very attractive.  From what I see in the reporting, there is no liquidity problem now. JC Penny, it is reported, is looking at its options. With the amount of support from Central Banks and The Fed, the reports I saw on Bloomberg suggest that JC Penny might not have to go bankrupt, and if it does, the debt is backed by the vast liquidity now available so it might get true restructuring options. It is not hard for me to conclude the virus might be good for brick-and-mortar after all.

I will likely put in for some days off soon. I have robot things I want to do, civil war armies to build, Howard stories to finish-up and start (Like, “Howard in Lockdown”), figures to pain, and Python to code. So many cool things to do–need some sleep and a few open days (week?).

Recently I found a new figure company: Black Army Games. They are the first to offer a Tesla that is not overly steam-punked.


Today the reports show that more than one-thousand three-hundred Americans were lost to the virus this Monday. Everyone one of those people we lost today had nurses and doctors that felt the loss. I picked this Crown Him With Many Crowns as it is Prince Albert Hall, which holds more than 5,000 people. We have lost the equivalent of ten Prince Albert Halls of people so far in the USA alone.





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