Day 44: Tuesday more normal

Today started with 6AM coming too soon. Susie had her normal issues getting to bed before midnight last night, and I was still reading Digging Up Armageddon: The Search for the Lost City of Solomon by Eric H. Cline and was not ready for sleep too. This made 6AM a hard starting time for me, and this was made harder by the first-ever All Nike Employee Meeting on Zoom at 7AM. Dressed and ready for my workday online an hour early.

John Donahue, the new CEO of Nike, gave a good talk on Zoom with just a few words from others to expand a few points. He made it clear that Nike has a plan on how to handle the restart and expects to be stronger after the emergencies. He explained that this plan was already used in China and he especially thanked China for their help. He also asked everyone to take care of themselves. With the hours I had been working, this rang a bit false for me–but I am tired. I decided to take him up on his suggestion and I went for a walk in the afternoon and slowed down a bit in the afternoon. I feel a bit better.

During my walk, I saw my neighbors, they had a ladder out and a poor lost baby jay. They were trying to return it to a nest. Heartbreaking to see baby birds lost. On a more cheerful moment, the geese have their babies, and they looked happy.


(walking on the driveway across the street)

I ordered lunch from La Providence, a tuna melt.  I had a French onion soup with it that is still waiting for Susie (she will have it tomorrow). The sandwich is more like dinner-sized, and as I had one of yesterday’s bagels for breakfast, I could only eat the first half. Corwin was happy after he got up to finish the other half.

Here is the song for the day: Here Comes the Sun.

The Schwan’s truck came today, and we got more pork tenderloins wrapped in bacon. We grilled them while we made mac and cheese and fire-roasted veggies (also from Schwan’s). Susie approved of dinner!

I read more of Eric H. Cline’s book and read that the Oriental Institute, the organization hosting the dig at Megiddo, had made a film of all their main digs in 1932 include Megiddo. I watched the movie on YouTube for its entire hour today. Again, my interest is both to enjoy another book by Eric H. Cline and to read about archeology during the main period covered in the role-playing game Call of Cthulhu. While the film is obviously slightly racist and thus a product of its time, it was one of the first docu-dramas made: The Human Adventure. Still, it was amazing to see the people I am reading about and the places in the book. I was in Megiddo with Susie in 1996, but it was still interesting to see it freshly dug in 1932. I might be able to show part of the film in one of my next adventures for Call of Cthulhu.

I sent the link for “The Human Adventure” to a fellow Call of Cthulhu player, Matt Vincent, and posted it on the Call of Cthulhu Facebook page.

I also learned about the archeology publications for the area in the 1930s and went on-line to look at them. Again for Call of Cthulhu, I collect original archeology paper reports and found one, not on Megiddo. The hardcover was for sale on a collector site for big bucks, while I found the cheap paper version, made for poor students, for under ten dollars, volume 1, on eBay–purchased. I was surprised to see other official reports are also available online as PDFs for no charge. More material for props!

As usual, I watched the stock market reporting for a while today. I leave Bloomberg channel on while I work and look up once in a while when they say something interesting–there are many commercials. The stock market went up and down and settled on about where it started. I listened to the interviews, and it seems that folks are buying the shares now while they are down about ten percent. I also increased my contribution to my 401K to buy more. This is surprising the experts as earnings are down–way down, stock-buy-back is a dirty word now, and dividends are much more optional these days. I could explain it to the experts, but they don’t call me for advice (I was up 27% last year, and I am only down 7% now). From what I see, the companies we are buying into today are still the same. The emergency is new. The companies will survive, as will most of us if we can get this over with while not dong anything stupid (i.e., using the cleaner for cleaning).

The reports are showing that for today more than two-thousand four-hundred people lost their fight with the virus and passed away. The radio report said we still have over forty people on ventilators and more than two-hundred people hospitalized here in Oregon fighting the infection. I found a new song that I liked for today: Mansions of the Lord.


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