Day 45: Wednesday Tired

A short story today.

By lunch, I was too tired to go on and sent an email to my boss and other colleagues it was time to stop and rest.

Before this, I had a few video conferences and managed also to apply some fixes to the software I upgraded last week. There are always fixes. Various crises of the moment kept me busy until I found that I was dizzy and tired. Decided to stop and rest.

I went for a mile walk to try to shake off the poor feelings. I put on my mask and my helmet.


(that is my palm tree in front of the house behind me)

Also, during today’s work Zoom conference calls, I use a moving beach scene background. I have my pith helmet and put that on. It makes it look like I am really somewhere lovely. I ordered some little paper umbrellas and party cups on Amazon, they will be here next week. Yes, if I am going to do this for another month, I need props!

Lunch was delivered from Red Robin; instead of the salad I usually have, I have to admit I had a burger. It was a Smoke and Pepper burger that includes bacon. Decadent!

I made a small dinner of a bagel, one of the Einstein’s Bagels from Monday–now nearly solid, as the burger from Red Robin was a lot and I spent the afternoon napping and reading. I finished  Digging Up Armageddon: The Search for the Lost City of Solomon by Eric H. Cline. I have added the book to my prop collection for writing horror adventures for Call of Cthulhu role-playing game. I enjoyed the text as it clearly described what a dig was like in the 1920s into the start of World War 2.

I reworked a bit of one of my Howard’s SciFi stories. It is getting a bit better. I am working on the flow and completeness of the descriptions in the text. This is my last step in my process.

This morning I watched the head of The Fed call. Mr. Powell, in the call, was clear that they are working to prevent permanent damage to the ability of the USA to do business. There was also positive news on some treatments for the virus. The stock market flew-up more than two percent today on all the good feelings.

The reports are nearly the same total as yesterday. Today two-thousand three-hundred people were taken by the virus in the USA. I went with this new take on How Firm A Foundation to remember these people and the nurses and doctors and friends and family impacted by their loss.



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