Day 46: Thursday Workday

Again, a short story today.

Today was a mostly regular day at home working from home. I went out to get the mail and got hailed-on while the sun was out. Yes, Oregon’s weather is back to normal.

While at the virtual workday, the crisis of the moment happened or, as happens more often now, was declared not ready, and the meeting is delayed–within hours or often minutes of the scheduled meeting. I was able, as many of my fellow workers undoubtedly also do, to ignore the video conferences and do the work during the discussions. So I slipped in some actual work today.

After working online all day, I was unusually tired (still am). I managed to make dinner of baked chicken and rice with canned peaches instead of a cooked veggie of some sort. I have discovered a fantastic canned product of peaches: DelMonte Freestone Sliced Peaches. The story is that as the emergency began and online delivery failed, I had to buy groceries in person and saw the peaches and grabbed a lot from the shelves of Safeway. Various other fruit was sold-out, but the slightly more expensive peaches were plentiful. When we opened a canned later, we discovered peach heaven in heavy syrup (most of the syrup is poured down the drain).  We now have at least one can in the frig. I like my peaches cold.

This reminds me that today we had a unique lunch experience, lost lunch. I went on Grubhub while in a video conference and ordered a couple of burgers from RedRobin around 10AM. As lunchtime approached, the food did not approach. I received updates that my lunch was delayed. Grubhub has a screen that lets you track the progress of delivery on a map. I saw the driver icon drive towards Portland on highway 26–that is not picking up the food, nor will you reach my house that way. I went to the help screens which took me back to the map where my driver was now in the West Hills nearing Portland–not my definition of “help.” I tried “help” again and discovered I was expected to text or call the driver. Apparently, food delivery is my problem. Grubhub just supplies the website and the connections for a driver, a lunch provider, and the purchaser of lunch. So I texted the driver after finding the driver’s contact information on the map screen. No response after ten minutes.

I found the chat option after I picked the “Other” issue for my food not being delivered in “help.” I was at first the 52nd in the queue. I watched the number tick-down in ten minutes and finally, Isabella said “hello” via chat. I suspected that she was a chatbot. She informed me that she could not reach the driver, and Isabella then canceled my lunch with a full refund. When she asked me what more she could do, I was suspecting she was not real and said I needed nothing more just like the nothing lunch I received. This statement was my attempt to confuse the chatbot. Instead, I got sad emojis and an apology. I thanked her for her help and told her it was not her fault. Isabella is human and works to get people’s food to them.

Where ever you are Isabella of Grubhub–thanks for helping us!

I bravely re-ordered by “express” the exact same order that arrived thirty minutes later.

Aside: Here is Eric H. Cline’s lecture for those who have an hour for this amazing chance to learn: 1177 BC: The Year Civilization Collapsed (Eric Cline, PhD).

My sister Linda received the gift I sent to her today. One of those super battery starters that you plug into the wall. My mother’s car batteries went out and I thought Linda, living in Michigan with hot summer and real winters, could use this. A late Easter gift.

GOOLOO 800A Peak 18000mAh SuperSafe Car Jump Starter with USB Quick Charge 3.0 (Up to 7.0L Gas or 5.5L Diesel Engine), 12V Portable Power Pack Auto Battery Booster Phone Charger Built-in LED Light

It was on special last week, twenty bucks off, so I just ordered it and had it delivered by Amazon to Linda in Michigan.

I also learned from Linda that the wild unsigned birthday card I received was from her. It is a super pop-up card of a birthday cake with a yellow submarine ala the Beatles.


So today was like another birthday for me and another Easter for my sister.

Turning to the reports, I managed to watch a bit of Bloomberg while working. I keep Bloomberg TV running on my Apple while I do Nike work on the supplied Nike laptop. The market gave back most of its gains today that it had yesterday. Earnings came in today. Amazon, despite all my help, missed their earnings targets (how they could miss as they are just about the only shopping left running in the USA, shows how badly Amazon is executing). Apple is fine. Others were a mixed bag as expected. Oil is going up as somehow they finally found a way to cut production with consumption at new lows. Air pollution and also at a new low. That does make one think. Many experts are surprised that people are gobbling-up cheap stock. They applaud the purchase at “the dip,” showing that the regular investor seems to understand “buy-low-sell-high,” but mused that the ordinary investor may not be ready if this is not the bottom.

One of the commercials on Bloomberg, they have many, shows an antique auction and the typical strange characters and goings-on. Then the next item is a bowl of dip in the sale. The text or lead for the commercial is “Helping you buy the dip” I was laughing out loud on that one. Nice to see someone out there with my kind of humor. I will have to get some dip.

The reports are not much of an improvement in the USA, more than another two-thousand two-hundred more folks passed away from the virus this Thursday. Today’s hymn is one I can sing, God Will Take Care of You.




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