Day 47: Friday, May Day 2020

It is always strange to have just a normal day, and that is what we had today.

Susie was up before noon, and we had chicken noodle soup together from a can for lunch. Corwin is going for a hike and will be back tomorrow. It is just Susie and me tonight.

Today, May 1, Oregon opens up dentist offices.  Other states are opening in various ways, and some have reversed the opening after seeing their numbers.

The USA does not celebrate May Day. Years ago Susie’s sister, Barb, went to the Soviet Union and bought a poster, here it is for May Day:


(the image is split into three signs–these are the best–hanging in the third bedroom)

Dinner was late as I was tired again and took a nap that lasted too late. I made tacos but promised Susie pancakes and bacon for Saturday (we are out of bacon).

Today we reached the last paper towel roll. I had bought a set each time we had groceries delivered before it was fashionable to buy too much paper towel. I also worked from home each time I had a cough or sneezes (from allergies) before that was required. I guess I am style-leader, who would think that?

Returning to today’s story, I spoke to Dan Gray about an issue at the church today. To set the stage, you need to know that Dan and I replace the Gay Pride flag that flies from the side of the church when someone needs it. We try not to overly attach it to the church as then there is often no damage to repair when the flag vanishes. When that happens, Dan or I just install the next one–I think we have replaced it more than six times. Occasionally one of the other church people decides to replace and firmly attach the flag to the church without talking to us. Last time the people who took the flag had to work at it and broke the pole, took the flag and busted the pole holding rig. Thus we had to buy a new flag, pole, and pole holding rig and put all back together again. We do place a little bolt in the pole to stop the weather from blowing the pole out of the platform. We recovered one flag from a weather event!

Today we have a new experience. We still have the flag. The pole is broken. The rig may be broken–Dan will check. But the church door has graffiti. That is new. Dan, and I agree,  thinks this is not another attack on our Gay Pride statement with the flag, but just kids stuff.

I have gone to Amazon (still confused about how Amazon could miss their earnings with all the business I am giving them–Amazon reported earning yesterday) and ordered new flags, poles, and a new rig.  I also found a cool security camera. Dan and I have been thinking about putting security coverage on the door and flag, so we can let those who needed our flags explain that need clearly to law officials. We have resisted so far. It was less threatening to just buy a new flag (we are in the forgiveness business), but graffiti has pushed us a bit further. The cool camera has a four-month battery, so we just recharge it every few months. It is on the way. I can always use it here at the house if we think it is still over-kill for a Methodist Church with a Gay Pride Flag in downtown Beaverton.

The stock market continued to sink. Mr. Musk could not resist making headlines and said that the stock in his company Tesla is over-priced. Tesla’s stock price is now not as over-priced. Apple’s refusal to give guidance for the year now thas the market is a bit spooked.

The reports, on this May Day and when some restrictions are being lifted in some states, are that more than one-thousand eight-hundred people died from the virus in the USA. It was also reported that certain political cronies are trying to have Florida underreport deaths from the virus. It makes one remember the scene in the movie Jaws when the local politicians prevent the sheriff from closing the beaches. This makes the choice of the hymn easy today, Trust and Obey.



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