Day 49: Sunday with Cheese

Tonight we replaced the cornbread muffins that I made from scratch with the most excellent Famous Dave’s brand from a box. Perfect! Dinner was my reworking of Susie’s dietetic meatloaf recipe. Bread crumbs, apple sauce, one egg, Worcestershire Sauce, a pound of 80% lean ground beef, and because we are Americans and Susie and I are both from the Midwest, stuffed with cheddar cheese–Oregon Tillamook cheese! Susie usually uses oats in place of the breadcrumbs (did not have them). It was acceptable to Susie.

Lunch was made by Corwin. He took the leftover kielbasa and other meats and added to the Kraft Deluxe Mac and Cheese. Yes, we have been cheesy all day. I had the rest of the Jambalaya leftovers, but I did try the lunch. Cheesy!

I suspect our cholesterol levels will reach new highs. I suspect we will have to find some fruits and veggies to live off for a month to fix that. Oh my!

I received my little umbrellas from Amazon today for my meetings at Nike. I thought it was time to start having little umbrellas in my drinks, usually water (no really!), while in the meetings. Last week I changed my background to tropical and put on my pith helmet for Zoom meetings. Now I have the little umbrellas to put my glass during the meetings. I am ready for next week’s video-a-thons.

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 9.54.17 PM

I have been working on electronics much of the day between chores. I have not built that much as put away the last six-month or more of new gadgets and other cool items. It took most of the day. I have a large tool cabinet now full of more cool stuff.

I also tried again to make my lightning detector well detect. So far, no luck. I have a device that simulates a lightning strike, but it is not being detected. I don’t know if the detectors are faulty or my generator is faulty. So that project is on the back-burner now. I am still working on the radios, and that is working. I ordered more from Sparkfun as the two I have are just enough to test. I need one to put in the robot and one to put in the controller. So I am short at least one.

Corwin has suggested for years that I should build some props out of all the cool stuff. Today I started on that plan. I have an excellent encoder you can control the LEDs that light it and is on a break-out that makes it all software control. I have some old fashioned needle meters. I have piles of NeoPixels I would connect up. So I have started by painting a box black, yes, a “black-box.” I have some Expresses from AdaFruit I wanted to use for something. They can control speakers. So I think I have a place to start.

Turning to the news, the reports are that the American death’s from the virus fell to just over one-thousand one-hundred-fifty this Sunday. I went with an old Church of England hymn: Just as I Am. We remember all those who came before us and those we lost today.

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