Day 50: Monday at Home Again

Today we played the classic Dungeons and Dragon adventure called “The Tomb of Horrors” initially published in the 1970s online. “The Tomb of Horrors” was designed as a convention adventure that was later published to be used with the newly published revised version of the game, then known as Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. These rules are now open and available as OSRIC rules, Old School Reference and Index Compilation.

Today we played online in Roll20 with new color art, maps with automatic lighting effect, video chat, and automatic rolling and descriptions of spells cast. The new online version of the same adventure. The last battle was still hard on the players. One player’s character was knocked out. But the evil undead Acererak, the villain in the story, was destroyed with the players gaining vast treasure and powerful magic as they finished looting Acererak’s tomb. It was a romp!

I played this in the original rules in 1979, I think, with the old rules. I still remember it.

Today work started with video conferences and emails at home at about 6:30AM. I woke at 6:00 with my alarm and then rolled over for just a second. It was 6:30 when I woke again. The day ended with a meeting of the directors that work for my boss for a staff meeting at about 5:30. I am scheduled for a meeting with India at 2:30AM Tuesday morning.

Corwin made dinner, baked spaghetti with Italian sausage. It was good and I had to eat while running the game as we start at 6:30PM every Monday. Lunch was from Gyro House, a Lamb Gyro. Lentil soup and baklava for Susie.

I can’t believe we are hit the fiftieth day.  We are hearing that California is starting to release the lockdown a tiny bit on Friday. Oregon will likely align with California and Washington rules. There is a thought that we will be allowed to return to church on Pentecost Sunday. We discussed in the staff meeting all the people we don’t see anymore. We are working in just the small circle of people we need to get tasks done. No seeing all the other folks we would just see and talk to. I miss the desk staff and the baristas in the morning.

The stock market was up just a bit today. The president is talking about a trade war with China. Today the story was a bit not too terrible and not so good–the market just swayed back and forth. The markets did hear from Warren Buffet today, and he is not happy. He sold his airline stocks and has a pile of money, but no cheap stocks to buy. Remember, interest rates are near zero. The Fed and Central Banks are pouring in liquidity into the economy, there are no bargains on good companies. That was why they did it–to keep the companies alive through the emergency. But some weaker companies are at risk; J Crew declared bankruptcy today. Neiman Marcus is showing signs of going the same way.

The reports are that the virus killed more than one-thousand three-hundred Americans today, a slight increase over yesterday. I found this song to remember all the people we lost today, I do not know, but I liked it: Raise Me Up.

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