Day 51: Monday-Tuesday Day

Today I had another mostly sleepless night. We had a meeting with the developers in India in their afternoon about 2:30 Portland time in the morning. This has left me, again, a bit messed-up. The migraine headache later in the day was unwelcomed.

I have taken a couple of naps, and that helps just a little while. So this will be a short update.

Work started with my iPhone waking me at 2:15AM. I then had a phone conference, no video for me just woken-up, a few minutes later. We spent the hour getting aligned on how to build a process to update an automated data conversion.

Back to sleep. Back at 6AM via another iPhone alarm. Dressed and all that. Next video conference at 7AM. More emails and more videos. Finally, at 10AM, back to a nap. Alarm set. Up for lunch. Lunch was Ivar’s Clam Chowder with Bacon. Funny, it tasted of clam juice and smoky bacon. The potatoes and onions were not funny cooked. I checked instructions again, just heat. Last time for that product!

More video conferences at the end of the day. How I always get one at 4:30-5:00 I do not know.

I did take a walk this afternoon to get rid of some of the stiffness and then drove the car to get rid of its stiffness too. The parking brakes had a moment where they would not let go. It is a Volvo and can’t help be too safe and locks the parking brakes for you. Another week of braking, and I am not sure it would not be headed back to the mothership for work.

Once I and the Volvo XC60 were working again, I grabbed a Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal for Susie (her favorite) and a chocolate shake for me driving just for twenty minutes to get the car back in condition, driving very Portland polite, of course (why do they go so slow in the left lane).

We have a joke here, the Tesla Oregon self driving car switches to the left lane and then goes slow.

Dinner was Domino’s Pizza. I had a free pizza, and so I ordered another pizza, pasta dishes, salad, and diet coke. Delivered contactless. They actually have a special box they stack the boxes on that is marked “CONTACTLESS DELIVERY.” The delivery person has a mask and gloves, but they literally deliver a box with the words–how clever. How American legalistic! I did talk to the delivery person, observing social distancing, as he stacked everything on the sidewalk for me on the “PIZZA PEDESTAL” and said their sales are now up to twenty percent (last time they were very happy for the business).


(I might keep this as a memory of our times. I have a Dr. Fauci bobble-head coming too–a fundraiser).

The headache started then. I made some coffee, and that helped my problem a bit. I watched some TV (unusual for me, Expedition Unknown) after that I then took another nap when the pain returned.

I dreamed.  The dream was about assisting people in moving out of a house. It seemed there was more and more stuff to move. It appeared to never end, and we were running out of time. My father and grandparents (all long gone) were there and happy to see me and to help. They were glad to talk and move anything. I was, as the logic of dreams is impossible to understand, unaware that they were gone, but I was happy to see them. No virus. No social distancing. No masks. Just folks working together and trying to plan trips to other parts of Oregon after we finish the work. Dad, grandma Wild, and Grandpa Wild all looking like they did in the eighties, were happy, and discussing what they want to see next. I woke and was feeling much better about everything.

Wednesday seems to be coming faster than I like.

I watched the market bounce up again on Bloomberg TV. Oil is headed up. Bonds are up. Stocks are up. Interest rates are down. Norwegian Cruise Line stock lost bigtime after it said it might not survive the emergency. To me, the obvious was going on all day.

The reports follow the same pattern of the last few weeks, and the counts of deaths from the virus increased by a thousand from yesterday: Two-thousand three-hundred-fifty. Unfortunately, the number of deaths is not decreasing yet. I think I have not done this one before, and even I can sing this one (this version has an Organ solo!): For All The Saints.




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