Day 52: Wednesday–Working

I managed to start work at 6 again this morning here at home. More and more video conferences and the crisis of the moment. Wednesday, being mid-week, always is full of status meetings and focus meetings and meetings about meetings.

I managed to order an Ensalada Plater and a Bonsia Burger for Susie from Red Robin

I continued the day with more status and more crisis of the moment and explaining over and over different things that I have told before. The stress of the emergency and from working from home has had an impact on people. I see a bit more panic and less organization on the part of many of my co-workers. The focus is weak and the ability to see beyond the immediate deliverables missing for many. I took Friday off to find my focus!

Today Sparkfun’s next package arrived. Two more radios: RFM69. I also have some new motors with gears and encoders. Encoders allow you to know the exact position of a motor. It makes controlling them much more exact. All good and perfect for a small robot ship.

So I took my radio build and added in the LCD. This build will be the monitor for all the radio communication. The LCD will display the messages flowing. I also added a battery connector for it to make it more independent. I will cut windows in the box for the LCD soon and have a cool monitor in a box.


The other radio will be attached to the robot controller and robot. It is slowly coming together. Another reason to take Friday off.

I also received the security camera for the church and a Raspberry Pi Zero W from Amazon today. More things to do.

Dinner for Susie was the other half of her burger. Corwin and I had reheated pizza.

The stock market went up and down, and I finally turned off Bloomberg after the third expert said the market was unpredictable. Yes, we know. My 401K is down 7.5% for this year. I am still up 7% for the last 12 months. I hope for a 10% return and plan for 8%, so I am not far away from being on plan.

The reports show another increase in the number of deaths from the virus. More than two-thousand five-hundred lives ended today in the USA because of the infection. Today’s hymn is also one I can sing, but this version is from the Welsh, and the last verse of the song is sung in the native language! Please enjoy Guide Me, Oh Thou Great Jehovah from Cardiff, and remember who we lost today.


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