Day 53: Thursday Not Working

Susie was ill last night, so I put in to be on PTO today. I had already decided on Friday as a non-working day. Susie appears to have recovered, and I have kept an eye on her all day.

Even with the day off, I planned to attend a few meetings at work as it was unfair to cancel the meetings at the last minute. So, as usual, I was up and dressed at 8:30 to attend one of the meetings when the vendor asked for it to be moved. Aagh! I did have another meeting at 10AM that I agreed to attend on my day off, and that meeting did happen. Better!

I started on my robot projects this morning. I managed to complete the monitor for the radio. I even have it mounted in a nice cardboard box. It is now battery power by 9V, with a power switch, and the LED in a window in the box. I wrote all the code in C to monitor all communication inside an RFM69 network. I harvested a lot of it and there are brilliant libraries out there. Now, all messages are displayed on the LED and the source ID for the message.

Lunch for me was Chef Boyardee spaghetti and meatballs. I wanted to eat the last one that I bought for the emergency. It is quite terrible. It will not be replaced unless there is another near-world-ending event. I heated this on the stove and discovered, as I thought, the taste is less catsup and more sauce if heated for a while. I was thinking that the last experience was via microwave might be a cooking issue. This time it was not as horrible–not exactly words of support I know. I had salad, leftover from Dominos, to go with it.

For the salid, I had to get the Thousand Island dressing open as it was new and had a plastic cover over the food to protect me. It was well protected. I was disturbed by the strength I needed to get to the dressing. Those little islands are well secured!

Corwin had soup for lunch. We discovered that Susie never ate anything as we were starting up dinner! I got her some toast with peanut butter.

Before dinner was started, I started on the prop also. I have the meter and a couple of dial switches mounted in another cardboard box painted black. I also soldered together Flora neoPixels that I had leftover from making wearables a few years ago. I will glue those on the box cover and light them up. I am going to use a RedBoard Turbo to control all of this. It is 3.3V, but I have to use a four AA battery holder to power it as it cannot handle 9V. Or I will connect in a LiPo battery and use USB to charge it. The board can recharge the LiPo. I have to program it and wire it up.

Finding a breaking point in my electronics, I made a pumpkin pie. This is the old school version of the pie using canned pumpkin and the recipe is from the label of an Eagle Brand can. I have the label saved as this recipe is no longer published. It comes out perfectly. I had bought extra supplies for Thanksgiving 2019, and yesterday, I decided to clear more of my pantry during the emergency and make the pie. Susie and Corwin are not disappointed!

I also made popovers. I have found the boxed version by King Arthur Flour perfect, and I have bought the special popover pan too. I make them for holidays and frankly when I remember. I spotted the box next to the pie stuff, and it was clear we needed popovers tonight and pie.


While the pie was baking, I had also noticed that all my cooking Bourbon and Vodka was gone. So off to the booze store. I drove into the parking lot, and there was a long line of cars and people out taking orders. I was impressed that people had ordered booze like this, and then I noticed nobody was at the liquor establishment. Dutch Brother’s coffee was open and taking orders in a long line. This is the Pacific Northwest, and the lines are for coffee!

Got my stuff. It is a tiny store and me being the only person in a mask, I used more than usual care with social distancing. The cashier made no effort to distance, have a mask, have cleaner, or do well anything but sell me booze. She did get me a box.

We defrosted skinless chicken thighs. Then into the teriyaki sauce to get even better for about an hour. On the grill and then dinner. I found the soon to be passed-it carrots in the frig and made steamed carrots to go with it.

So dinner was a feast of fire-grilled teriyaki chicken, steamed carrots, and popovers. Pumpkin Pie (old school) for dessert. Disaronno tonight (yes I got a few more things at the liquor store) with coffee as I write this–plus more pie.

My sister sent me a picture of her with her Olympic Provision Sauage bouquet. Yes, I thought she would like that. She was thrilled.

I did not watch the markets for much of the day. I saw the markets were flying up last time I looked. The NASDAQ has fully recovered its losses for the year and now shows positive growth for the year. The Dow is still in 2018 levels. The Dow is showing a ‘U’ or worse ‘L’ type recovery so far. NASDAQ and the technology stocks are showing the wished for ‘V’ recovery.

The reports show that more than two-thousand one-hundred people passed away from the virus today in the USA. I found this Mozart for today’s hymn (some latin for us): Laudate Dominum (Mozart) | boy soprano Aksel Rykkvin (13 years). The translation is here.




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