Day 54: Friday Not Working

Today I did not log on to my Nike computer, and I did not pay much attention to my email from Nike. This is the first Friday without Nike in a while. Usually, something slides in, and I have something to take care of even on my day off. Today I managed to stay away.

Last night I stayed up late installing the operating system on a Raspberry Pi Zero W. I was surprised by how much updating the OS needed and it went beyond 1:30AM. I always buy a kit for Raspberry Pi computers as there are so many little extras you need. The kit was under forty bucks an,d the computer itself is $10. It is also must faster than most of the cool Python and C microcontroller, runs real Linux, and has true multi-processing. They are also much harder to make work and are not tolerant (1.8V). I did get it all running this morning. The Go programming language I was trying to use failed. Not the first time that I have had issues with Go. I put it away for a while as I wa,nted to do some other things today.


(The tiny computer is in the plastic box to make sure it not damaged)

It was a clear sunny and windy day. Many roses decided it must be time to show their stuff. I was happy to share them with you.

I watched Doctor Who at the 2013 Proms on YouTube today. It was fun to go back, now two doctors ago, and hear the music and see all the events.

I ordered breakfast from La Provence today, corned beef hash with poached eggs. Plus a croissant. I ordered a dessert for Susie, tiramisu dessert.

I solder together a few parts and tried to write some code today. My heart was not into the coding today. I did build a 20W stereo amp, a real-time clock device, and added headers to a few items. I have some speakers I am attaching to a board to build a speaker box. I will those to test the amp. I ordered some more hardware on the Internet from Digikey. They are open still and are covering for AdaFruit products while AdaFruit supports their home of New York City with masks and other emergency equipment.

Susie got a fruit bouquet from her mother Leta today. Leta wanted to make sure we were getting enough fruit.


I made dinner. A creation of cornmeal around chili from a can. A sort of tamale casserole. It was not bad. I think I will go with more tamale insides next time.

I find myself feeling a bit better today. Getting to decide not to do something was refreshing.

I watched a bit of the market. It went up again. The experts are still concerned it will go back down again. The alphabet soup of ‘V’ and ‘U’ and the feared ‘L’ recovery are starting to be discussed. I stopped watching.

I also saw reports that the president’s and vice president’s staff have a bad case of irony: The virus is showing up in their staff. I have little to say other than I hope everyone will get well and not spread the infection through-out Washington DC.

I watched some of the Royal Opera’s free showing of La Traviata. I could not finish it as I just watched last week the same opera done by The Met Opera. It is just too depressing to do this twice–there is no happy ending. Renée Flemming is in the Royal Opera’s presentation and I like this better than the more modern sound and look of The Met Opera’s version.

This is the drinking song from the Opera and likely a song many would recognize. I was singing along with this song while making dinner. My Italian was terrible. I really liked this version of the Internet. The sound is good; the video is a bit compressed. It is still good!

I am listening to some more opera while I write this.

The reports are that the USA lost more than one-thousand six-hundred souls to the virus today. I found this new music that worked I think: Be Not Afraid.



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