Day 55: Cooking and Gaming

Today was a gaming and cooking Saturday. I started by putting away everything on my table so I could play games again. I am stopping the electronics for a while to write and play some games. I have some very complex two-person wargames that can be played solo, and I want to learn the rules anyway. There is also some writing I want to do, and I do that better in a neat setting. So out with the wires and boards and cool stuff and the chaos they bring.

Moving to lunch, I made bratwurst and baked beans from a can for lunch from what I already had. I fried the brats in a pan to get them brown and then finished them in the oven. They came out the way I like them, browned–not burned, and cooked. 

I also went shopping and got groceries at Safeway. I picked up enough stuff to make Chicken Vindaloo from Cook’s Illustrated magazine current issue (it uses pork but that is difficult to get now). I ordered the special India chilis already. Excited to cook.

I first tried to get into Trader Joe’s before ending up in my local Safeway. I have not been to Trader Joe’s since the emergency started. There was a very long Oregon polite line that went nearly around the block. Every person six feet apart most with masks. I like their stuff, but I don’t need that kind of wait and stress. So off to Safeway where everything was easy and social distancing is working without long lines.

I bought Susie flowers at Safeway. They had a person to put on ribbons and add baby’s breath. I did not want the flowers anymore manipulated before I brought them home. I always try to remember to bring Susie new flowers when I am shopping (even before the emergency). I put them in a vase, and Susie just looks at them. We don’t usually handle the flowers much, and now we handle them even less.

After unloading the groceries, I set up and punched my Kickstarter game that I have never had time to play before: Blitzkrieg in the West. I needed the whole table for it. This game simulates in the old school hex and paper counter-style the 1940 battle for France. The game is a simulation to allow the players to try their hand at the campaign and try to do better. It is a fascinating idea to me. It also comes with variants to try different plans. I very much want to try it out, at least as a solo play. It is only this one titanic battle and not the whole war, as you find in various other games (some simple and some beyond complex). The same publishers did produce a WW2 high-level game–I have to get to that one someday.

Corwin’s biz partner came over, one of the few other people allowed in the house now. He makes drinks and works out the biz plans with Corwin when he comes over.

I put away the WW2 game, I was still working out the French order of battle set-up, and got out Blood Rage instead. Blood Rage is a multi-person game and more fun than a WW2 wargame. This is a dudes-on-a-board style game with a Viking plundering theme. This is a game I got a few years ago and painted everything last figure. So many Vikings and related monsters–it took me a long time to paint them all. I finished the last ones up just at the start of the emergency. We forgot to take a picture of all my painted figures when we were playing.

We played after I got dinner started. Dinner is like most India styled food for me: a complex mix of spices, chicken, process, and finally rice to go with it. Everyone thought it was very good, but not really spicy enough. More chilis next time!

Corwin pulled off a 13 point win in Blood Rage. I remembered Matt Vincent winning with a Quest play and I nearly pulled that off. I blew a quest in the mid-game that cost me the game. Next time!

It felt good to cook something new and Indian style and to play a game. A good day!


(the blown-up kitchen after all the cooking, BTW the blue door goes to the garage and is Tardis Blue–we had that mixed at Home Depot–as the garage somehow fits all that stuff in it and sometimes even the Volvo)

The reports are that more than one-thousand four-hundred Americans were slain by the virus this Saturday. Included in the recent death count is Roy from the Siegfried and Roy show. He died from complications from the virus. Little Richard passed away from cancer. Here he is singing a hymn: Need Him.

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