Day 56: Mother’s Day 2020

Today was a relaxing day. I missed church at 10:30 and then did make the Zoom call at 2 PM. Susie got up very late. I decided again to try the game Blitzkrieg in the West again. The game set-up has taken me all day. With the regular interruptions of laundry, dishes, getting dinner made, and all the rest.

I was also surprised to see that the set-up for the game did not come with any plan. I had to figure out the deployment of the order of battle on my own. I got maps from Westpoint for the initial fight and found a more basic map that showed the army general placements.

I first had to get the set-up on the scenario cards, all the pieces representing the troops and forces involved in 1940. Filling in the cards took some care and more time than I usually give to a game. I finally got them done by the later afternoon.


(all those tiny squares!)

I then, after dinner, started to deploy the forces on to the hex map. I stated with the British Expeditionary Force and later on to the allies. France was a lot, and finally, after reading the force breakdown in the first battle, I got something that looked about right. I admit the weaker forces are on the east as I started with the more interesting items first. I already know the Germans are not going for the fortress cities of 1940 France.


(the German armies are missing, but all the rest are on more-or-less as they were in 1940)

Dinner was New York strip steaks and rice pilaf. I browned the steaks in butter and finished them in the oven. Corwin used up the gas for the grill, and I was not in the mood to enjoy everyone that discovered they had not propane on Mother’s Day. They were good.

The mother to the little birds in the nest on the wreath on the door was singing outside. I walked out, and she was singing non-stop. I went back inside, and she started to feed the baby birds.

For the game, I will have it set-up soon. It is slow going so far as I have to stop and read the rules or look up the history of the 1940 Battle for France a couple of times. Canvas Temple Publishing has a lot of typos in the rule book, and I could use more clarity on how to set-up, but this is a unique game, and I forgive them a lot. I am interested in getting to play a turn someday!

The deaths from the virus in the USA slowed to more than seven-hundred today. The hymn for today is a prayer: Evening Prayer.

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