Day 60: Thursday Home Working

It is day sixty. The lockdown seems both longer and shorter than forever. Many discussions are not about how we look forward to the end of the lockdown, but now about how everything has changed. Some of the changes are improvements. The air is better. The reports I read say that the majority of the USA’s electricity is now from renewable sources. I read that coal plants are being taken off-line sooner than originally planned and most scrapped. We might never return to coal being an important fuel for electricity in the USA. I have heard people tell me and I too think the animals look healthy and happy outside. There are more of them. The grass seems greener and the flowers brighter this year. Of course, we see this from inside or just in our own backyard or while we are on a walk.

The lesson that is appearing all over the world is that the planet can do great without us. A tough learning I think. It seems the earth can be saved by just locking up the humans.

Being more positive, the lesson might be kinder than that. Maybe a better finding is that the enviroment we live in would be better if we minimized our pollution by changing our approach from ownership to being stewards of the land. Stewards do not own the asset (in this case, the environment). Instead, they manage the asset, trying to increase the value of the asset, planning for the future use of the asset, and finally to return the asset to the true owner improved. For some of us, this true owner is God and for other The Land or Our Father’s Land or The Future. I think the true lesson from these terrible events is that we must become good stewards of our environment.

One can be bold and even say the lack of stewardship produced the virus and turned it into a pandemic. Reminding me of that dark statement from a favorite movie (paraphrasing): “You are the disease and we are the cure.”

Leaving the musing, today started early, and I did more than six hours of video conferencing. I had to fix some computer items while doing the conferencing. It was a chaotic day.

I had to slip out of all the calls for work to get Susie’s prescription–it ran out. I was surprised to see all the police. The car that has been on our street for quite a few number of months that we thought was yet-another-abandoned car was actually stolen. In our defense, over the years, we have had more than four abandoned cars and car “projects” removed from in front of our house. The police, with just a tiny hint of “are you people stupid” in his voice, told me to report cars that are suspicious to the police. He politely pointed out that Honda and Toyotas, the stolen car is a Honda, are prime targets so if I see another one just show up on my street again, please ask the police to look into it. The car was hauled away.

I did more meetings and more discussions. I went out to get the mail and saw my neighbor. I told her about the car that was being hauled away. She then pointed out that the van on the street was flagged to be hauled away as it was too close to a mailbox. It was her son’s, and she needed to move it. It had a dead battery.

I drove the Volvo over and got the cables out and jumped the van. No good. So I returned to my video conferences with my car running on the street with the cables charing the van’s battery. My neighbor was worried that someone would steal my car now running on the road with the hood open and wires running out of it. “I would just get a new one,” was all I said–believing irony would not make an example out of me today.

More meetings and with a few stressed moments. And then out to the car and the van started and moved. Back to more meetings and two phone calls.

Again, Corwin made dinner as I was late starting it. I went to read and fell asleep to wake after seven.

Today is Theology Pub at 7PM. I was late. We spend one evening drinking and eating with a small group discussing theological topics from a Christian perspective (mostly). Now, this is a drink and eat at home and attend a Zoom video conference. Out theme was Humility, and I was humbled by being thirty minutes late.

We spoke about the topic and also about each other and how we are all doing. Susie and I got a beer from the frig and spaghetti that Corwin made. Corwin joined in a few times.

The baby birds on the nest on my front door in the wreath flew away today. We took care to not hurt them. We can see the babies still. They are flying, poorly, in the backyard.

Susie is still riding her bike. It is in the living room almost in the way of the TV. It cannot be avoided.


Back to the musing, to paraphrase the late comedian George Carlin, we cannot save the planet–but the earth does not really need us. I believe we all need to be better stewards.

The US stock market went down and then back-up and recovered some of the losses from yesterday’s 500 hundred point crash.

More than one-thousand seven-hundred Americans passed away from the virus today. The infection rate still appears to have peaked in the USA. The hymn took some searching to find. This is from 1906 and Methodist Hymn 522: Leave It There.


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