Day 64: Monday on 64

Today is one of my favorite numbers, sixty-four, the number of squares on a chessboard.

I did walk to the end of my street today. I was a bit ill today and stopped working at 3ish today and took a nap.

A song from the musical “Chess” referring to 64: Björn Skifs – The Arbiter “From CHESS.”

Corwin cooked a fantastic dinner today. Wilted lettuce with bacon and root veggies hash and grilled bread slices. We were excited to get our order today from Olympia Provisions. Lots of meat and a box of local veggies–many different types of lettuce–and bread and crackers. We Olympia Provision sauerkraut to try. All the new food inspired Corwin to cook.


I had more meetings late tonight. We have a new shoe company employee based in India, and we wanted to welcome her and talk about what we are doing and how she can help. She was happy to actually head to Nike office in India to get her laptop; India is coming out of lockdown too.

I also started some Python programming tonight. I have a system of control programs I wrote many years ago and I think I would like to use them to control a process of music playing (call “Space Lobster”). This would work for something like the bells at our church. I started revising the code and I have my Raspberry Pi Zero W out to run this on once I get further. Today I was looking up how to get official time. NIST has the time. I just have to write a program to call the time in. Can’t reply on the computer time–need good time. More on that later.

I am still very tired.

Returning to the beginning at 8:30 this morning, I went to the dentist (As usual, I started at 6AM with emails and Zoom calls). The dentist’s office people first used a device to take my temperature, and I signed a form that I was well and not showing Corvid-19 symptoms. I was there for my six-month cleaning, delayed by the emergency, and all the staff had face shields now. That went as normal. They also did Xrays as I had pain and lose teeth. Dr. Pakum concluded that the stress had me clenching, and I had changed my bite and caused the pain and lose teeth. A bit of quick work, and that is solved by Dr. Pakum. The pain is mostly gone, and the funny movements are gone. No charge for that.

The dentist’s office seemed a bit stressed and taking everything very seriously. Good.

I also talked to Dan Gray today. He is head of the Trustees for our church, First United Methodist Church, Beaverton. Trustees and the pastor are trying to reopen the church. Dan explained to me that there are three guidelines to follow, CDC, Oregon, and Beaverton. Washington County is not ready to restart yet, but it is time to talk and plan. Dan and I see this as an experiment with the chance of death, and thus caution and a “dry-run” may be needed. He will discuss this and other concerns with the church leadership to find a path forward. It is scary and stressful.

Here is the official stuff:

Today the stock market went straight up as if on rockets. The experts on Bloomberg were suggesting that it was premature to price an inoculation for the virus into the market. Oil is also increasing in price as, finally, production cuts are realized. My holdings did not go up as I managed to be balanced between equities and bonds–hmmm.

The reports for the USA are showing a slow increase in death and infection rates. It is difficult after three weeks of decline to see a reverse–tears in my eyes tonight. Individual states, such as my state of Oregon, are showing lower rates, and we are beginning to find someway to restart without killing a lot of more people. Today it is reported that just over one-thousand people in the USA were killed by the virus.

Today’s hymn is one I had forgotten, and I found a big sign version! SHINE, JESUS SHINE BIG SING at ROYAL ALBERT HALL, LONDON 30 12 2012


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