Day 65: Tuesday @ Home Working

Today I started after six as I was tired still. Today was hours of video conferences and emails. I am also working yet-another-critical-path-software-upgrade.

On a short break, I slipped out and delivered my ballot. Oregon is by-mail voting that must be at the official site by today. Like many folks, I waited to the last minute, and hand delivered my ballot via dropping in the box. The area was set with tape to separate people by six feet. I parked the car and walked over, there was just me and dropped it in. Done!

The highlight was lunch, of course. I ordered from The Gyro House. A lamb gyro with extra everything and extra spicy. It ain’t right if there is not a bit of burn from the sauce! I suspect my breath after lunch could have stopped a vampire in its tracks (garlic!). Susie had the baklava. The lentil soup is still in the frig.

I had a short break in the afternoon between video conferences and the crisis of the moment (a couple of those today) and managed to get outside and saw all my roses.

The newest rose is one I have tried before to grow, Mister Lincoln. It is a tea rose. It is still small, as this is the first rose for it.


Picasso is now in bloom. It is a “painted” rose as it looks like the pedals have been painted according to the Oregonian who created it.  It is a large bush. I think this one is no longer available anywhere.


The China Rose is always a bit faded, but it flowers early and last and is still in bloom. When a bloom is new, it looks very bright, but they disappear fast when cut, so I leave them on the plant.


Cardinal Richelieu is still not quite in bloom. The purple and intensity of the rose suggest to me the same in its name-sake. This is my villain of a rose bush.


This rose I don’t know its name as it was a nameless rose that was on special from the grower. It has thorns that are sharp like needles and are pointed down and slightly curved. It hurts so good!


The moss rose is now in bloom, and these roses are covering the bush that is larger than Susie. This and the tea rose shape are my favorite shape for roses. This rose scent of this rose is a dream of spring.


Two roses bushes are yet to be in bloom. So pictures of them later. I also did not take a picture of my only surviving David Austin Rose, The Herbalist. Maybe next time.

Dinner was cheese and meat from Olympia Provisions again. This time hotdogs with sauerkraut and various meats and cheese with crackers. Susie had no sauerkraut.

The stock market gave back about half of the rocket-ride of yesterday. Options on the ETFs seem to be fueling the chaos. The mass of fees for Wall Street will break records, I suspect.

I drove Susie and Corwin’s ballets in after dinner. There was a smallish traffic jam of overly-polite Oregonians in the parking lot of the election building in Hillsboro. Corwin went for the ride and jumped out to deliver the ballets. A very unhappy person was stating over and over, “They will not take the box.” She was left by everyone to continue her conversation with the voting box.

I managed a bit more Python coded on my control programs. I am working on the time-check portion. I am trying to update the code a bit with a more Pythonic style, Ernest (our head of the local Python Meet-up) would be more pleased with the newish code. I think I also spotted a flaw in the older code that will have me revising the older programs. So more nights of coding and writing to come. And that is alright with me.

I joined a Kickstarter for one of my favorite metal figure makers, Bob Murch (if only we could get him to do plastic!) for the 1920s and Pulp-styled adventure 28mm figures. They also have a Pulp Alley role-playing game for these figures; I just received an email with a link to it–I had not noticed before (2nd Edition).

I just printed out the “Quickstart” rules (a free PDF) and ordered cards that match the figures in the Kickstarter (which is shipping) for about ten bucks–it has pictures of each figure I can match my painting too. These rules are a reworking of Savage Worlds without the exploding dice, and each player gets a league of characters to play. You play against other leagues to get plot points. It is another no-Game Master game with a generator system for adventures instead of having a person run an adventure, a Game Master, or other names. This is a Frostgrave and Savage Words mix from what I have read so far in the rules. There is also a fortune deck (something you have to buy) that gives you special random benefits–this is much like Gloomhaven.

The combat system and damage systems are all simplified and close to Savage World (my favorite part of Savage Worlds). They have content–premade adventures and card packs. You play it on a 3′ x 3′ surface with some terrain to match, again like Frostgrave, but no points for killing the other wizard! It also seems to have gone with the minimal design of adventures from Savage Worlds. I am intrigued.


(here are some of my painted figures from Bob Murch on a copy of the rules)

I also slipped in the laundry today but not putting it away or folding. It is on hangers and in piles that will wait another day.

The reports are sad, but the numbers have slowed again, with only just over one-thousand five-hundred deaths today in the USA. Here is an old one: God be With You Till We Meet Again.

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