Day 66: Wednesday Working From Home

Sorry, but today’s story is short. I was busy and it was a quiet day.

And then WordPress had a new editor, and all would be good in the world. Now I have no idea how to do anything or edit anything. And Grammarly is not working now! Oh my!

After searching for twenty minutes, I learned two things. The first is that Grammarly will not work with the new editor–I could not find any magic to get it to work. The second is that there is a setting to return to “classic” editing. I tried to make it work and sent a note to Grammarly that they need their software to work with the new editor in WordPress. It appears to not recognize the screen as WordPress. More excitement than I was expecting to just type this in! This is edited in “Classic mode.”

After the panic let me return to the story, work started again 6ish with me discovering that India had things for me to do at 2AM. I was asleep. I worked with India and, despite the four-hour wait, we got all of it done together. Work was more and more video conferences, and there is a planning session, and it is hard to do this by video conference. I was able to resolve a few crises of the moment.

While I am writing this, I am online with India working on a critical path upgrade. So no sleep tonight. I will work around the clock.

So today’s song for fun is All Night Long.

Lunch was from Red Robin today. Susie was up late. She enjoyed her Banzi Burger (no veggies no mayo). Corwin made dinner again. Dinner is barbeque ribs and Corwin’s favorite of Mac & Cheese Deluxe from Kraft. 

I also did some more Python programming. I am getting my time control code a bit closer.

While I was listening to the video conferences I discovered my shoggoth sample (a Kickstarter perk from the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival) could hold my drink’s umbrella. Somehow this just made me very happy and so that is today’s picture.


The stock market reversed and went up. It appears that options and just plain guessing are driving the market. My 401K improved to only a -5.5% down for the year. But the Ford stock I bought, not that much, is now worth about a share or two of Tesla now. It has lost more than half its value. Hmmm.

The USA experienced more than one-thousand four-hundred death’s from the virus today. I found this hymn before I wrote this today: BESY Choir – He hideth my soul.

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