Day 67: Wednesday-Thursday Mix

I worked again through the night with India. It is a bit hard today, and this afternoon I felt unwell and took another nap. I am trying to finish this work, which is on the critical path for the big project I am on. This is the second system for the same upgrade, and so we have fixes for all the breaks. I am doing my all-nighter on the upgrade and then working my regular day taking naps when I slow-down or feel unwell from the lack of sleep.

Last night after I finished the previous blog, I made scones. Before the emergency, I bought a mixed case of scone mix from King Arthur Flour. It is cheaper to buy a case full, and we often would make two boxes a week. The mix makes perfect scones. Now that does mean cutting in cold butter into the mix with a pastry knife (you can use a fork if you are more patient than me). They should be just undercooked with bits of brown.


Today it was a sunny day, but a cold wind from the desert came. I skipped the walk today.

I thought some more pictures of my roses would be a good item for today. I walked around and took a few pictures.

My only surviving David Austin Rose, The Herbalist, is in full bloom and brightens the front of the house.


The moss rose is getting started now.


And finally the Cardinal Richelieu, the bad guy in the Three Musketeers, Rose has bloomed with its true colors. This rose will fade within hours of being cut.


This rose is hidden in my backyard as, for most of the year, it is just a bunch of sticks with thorns. It blooms once at the start of summer.

Here is my theme song: Jimmy Buffett “Pencil Thin Mustache/Grapefruit-Juicy Fruit/Boat Drinks” Live. With the holiday coming…

Lunch was ordered from La Provence again. This time I had the tuna sandwich. I could only eat half of it. Susie’s Tiramisu is still in the frig–she has had a lot of scones!

I watched Bloomberg while working. I keep my own computer on Bloomberg, and I order lunch on it. The Nike computer is the one I do work on. I watched the stock market go up and then down. The discussions now are moving from a V-shaped recovery to a Check-mark-shaped recovery (which is something like not as good as V-shaped but not the dreaded L-shaped recovery). My 401K has improved back to -4.7 percent down for the year. I am hoping to break-even at the 1/2 year. The market was driven up by check-mark talk and driven down by China-bashing from various sources.

I did not get back to Pulp Alley today. I did cut out the cards for the game in the free downloads. I just have to put down a matt, some 28mm terrain, and play. I have the little tape measurers for Frostgrave. I hope to play this over the holiday weekend.


(I put in some 28mm Doctor Who figures that never get much use for scale)

Today more than one-thousand four-hundred people died from the virus in the USA. The infection rate is stable but not yet declining. It was reported that the actual stating of infection rates is now a political statement–deep breath required. Today’s song is for those folks we lost today and the medical works which are the witness of their passing and for those who grieve: The Holy City.


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